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Old scenarios for P4E

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I just bought P4E a few weeks ago and I wonder if somebody have ''old'' scenarios for P4E on their hard drive that were not posted on Theoryspark website for X reason (governatorial scenarios, foreign scenarios, fictional scenarios and other hard to find )?

My e-mail is matvail2002@gmail.com.

Thanks a lot!

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I had quite a few saved, many I never played, but unfortunately they were on my old laptop, which died due to some hard-drive malfunction over a year ago (forcing me to buy a new one). After seeing your message I looked but I can't find them on any backup CD-ROM or USB which I saved other files to. I still have the hard-drive, kept it to see if I could retrieve anything else but have not got around to it yet... I need to find out how to read a laptop disc in a desktop computer or if I need any special equipment. If I manage to and can find the scenarios you can be sure I'll post them here.

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