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Cyberland 2008


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Scenario: Cyberland, Cyberia's "Conservative Cousin" is holding its federal elections in the fall of 2008. Cyberland is a Caribbean-themed micronation with a Parliamentary system based on the Westminster model with preferences as per Australia. Will the center-right Christian Democratic government be re-elected or fall to its opponents on the left?


Black 40%

White 25%

Mixed 22%

Malan'je 8%

Oriental 5%


Roman Catholic 36%

Protestant 20%

Evangelical 25%

Other Christian 5%

Christian 86%

Rastafarian 5%

Secular/Atheist 4%

Jewish 3%

Other 2%

Non-Christian 14%


Christian Democratic (Center-Right/Right, Christian Democratic & Conservative party)

Labor (Center-Left/Left, Social Democratic party)

United Future (Center/Center-Left, Liberal party)

Solidarity (Left-wing Populist/Nationalist party with some culturally conservative tendencies)


Aboriginal Rights



Budget Surplus





Global Warming

Health Care Reform




Minimum Wage


Same-Sex Marriage

Tax Policy

War on Terrorism


@issue position descriptions

// left to right, 1 - 5

//Aboriginal Rights

Full independence and self-government for native groups.

Increase federal funding. Grant Parliamentary seats.

Provide limited self-government to the Native tribes.

Treat all Cyberians equally. Recognize current treaties.

Abolish reservations! Repeal the treaty of Windsor.



Unrestricted access to taxpayer-funded abortions.

Legalize abortion but keep it safe and rare.

Ban partial-birth abortions, but let the regions decide.

Ban abortion except for rape, incest and the mother’s life.

Abortion is murder! Total ban on abortion!



Abolish all farm subsidies immediately.

Reduce farming subsidies gradually until completely private.

Reform subsidy programs to benefit family farmers.

Provide tax relief and increased subsidies for agriculture.

Massive subsidies and regulation to save the family farm.


//Budget Surplus

Devote the entire surplus towards social welfare programs.

Spend the surplus on social reforms and debt reduction.

Use the surplus to pay down the national debt.

Reduce taxes across the board using budget surplus.

Devote the entire surplus to the military and defense.



Make Cyberland a Republic, with a directly-elected President.

No less than complete independence from the UK.

Cyberland should remain part of the the Commonwealth.

Cyberland should become a Crown Dependency.

Independence was a mistake, seek to rejoin UK.



We must fully embrace a Socialist economy. Nationalize industry!

Keynesian economics is the best plan for our economy.

Seek a balanced budget no matter the cost; limited regulation.

Reduce federal spending, laissez-faire attitude towards markets.

Supply-side economics: massive tax cuts for wealthy + business.



Introduce free tertiary education. Massive funding increase.

Increase funding for public education, reduce university fees.

Increase education funding, consider school reforms.

Promote school vouchers as an alternative to public schools.

Mass privatisation of Education. Reduce education funding.



Ban logging of all forests. Trees come first!

Phase out logging. Protect our old-growth forests first.

Balance environmental and logging needs.

Protect logging rights, but replant trees for sustainability.

Allow clear-cutting of forests. Subsidize logging businesses.


//Global Warming

Cyberland must help stop global warming no matter the cost!

Global warming is a threat to Cyberland's existence.

Fight global warming, but balanced with economic growth.

Economic growth is more important than global warming.

Climate change is a hoax. There is no threat to the environment.


//Health Care Reform

Complete nationalization of health care and pharmaceuticals.

Set up a single-payer health care system.

Universal health care, with public + private sectors.

Promote tort reform + encourage private health insurance.

Full privatization of health care services and insurance.



Massive public housing constructions and abolish rents.

Long-term commitment: cap rents, and build new council homes.

Tax relief and incentives for homebuyers.

Encourage low-interest loans for homebuyers.

There is no housing crisis!



Appease them through economic aid. Peace at any price!

Pursue diplomatic engagement and negotiation with Iran.

Seek strong international sanctions against Iran.

Prepare for military action against Iran with US help.

Bomb Iran back into the stone age. War is the only option.



Abolish the military. Create a Ministry of Peace!

Reduce military spending, oppose any conscription.

Keep military spending as is. Promote national service.

Increase military budget. Bring back conscription.

Double the military budget, massive defense buildup!


//Minimum Wage

All Cyberlanders deserve a living wage.

The minimum wage needs to be increased.

Keep the minimum wage as it is.

Allow lower wages for students, part-time workers.

Abolish the minimum wage!



Guaranteed public pension for all, rises with average earnings.

Provide help to poorest more. Increase public pension funding.

Provide tax incentives for saving and retirement accounts.

Partial privatization of the public pensions.

Full privatization of the public pensions.


//Same-Sex Marriage

Equality demands legalization of same-sex marriage.

Support civil unions for same-sex couples.

Leave it to the courts and states to decide.

We should define marriage as between a man and a woman.

Gay adoption should be outlawed, too.


//Tax Policy

Redistribute income from the rich to the poor.

Raise taxation on the wealthy and corporations.

Close loopholes, moves towards more progressive rates.

Keep the flat income tax. Reduce it if possible.

Replace the income tax with a national sales tax.


//War on Terrorism

Terrorists are fighting the imperialist policies of the West.

Reduce military operations, focus on humanitarian solutions.

Focus on improving arms control, diplomacy, and intelligence.

We should not hesitate to use military force against terrorism.

We should nuke Mecca if the terrorists strike again.



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