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Québec Election-2008


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As reported by the CBC and the French CBC (Radio-Canada), an election will be annonced in Québec for the 8th of december.

I will update my scenario, however I will have the candidates of last election for the Beta version and I will have all the proper candidates for the 1.0 version.

I will also make the PLQ much stronger (because they are right now at about 38%-40% in the polls) and the ADQ much weaker (about 15% in the polls). The PQ will maybe have 4-5% more than the result at the last election.

Any suggestion on how to make my scenario better?

I am thinking of adding ''Multiculturalism'' and ''Economic Crisis'' as issues.

Any other suggestions for events or issues?

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More recent leader's portraits could be used.

I like it that you made your 2007 scenario a 4-player game.

You described some Parti Vert du Québec candidates as Québec Solidaire candidates. As both parties don't get many votes, including only the strongest in each riding was a good idea. However, a Parti Vert du Québec leader option could be included.

I will email you some things that may help.

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