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As you may know, there were a referendum on electoral reform last october in the general election in Ontario to choose between the FPTP (status quo) and the MMP.

BTW, I voted for the MMP in the referendum.

The referendum failed miserably, with the FPTP winning 63% of the vote and the MMP winning 36% of the vote.

But, what would happened if the referendum would have passed and the next Ontario election, scheduled for the 6th of october 2011 would have been done with the MMP system as in Germany, New Zealand, Scotland, and Northern Ireland?

So, this would be a very interesting thing to do with C4E! :D

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This could be quite intriguing, actually. I'd like to see a better map, though, as the one for Ontairio 1999, 2003, and 2007 (all for CPM4E) only has five or six regions. More regions would be nice. A C4E touch to the idea, though, might be cool. Would McGuinty run again, or would he be succeeded as Liberal leader? And would Tory remain PC leader despite being seatless? (He'd have an easier time getting a seat under an MMP system; in fact, he'd be all but assured one).

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