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Kentucky - 2007

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I'm working on creating a Kentucky - 2007 scenario for P4E+P. Pretty interesting election, considering competitive primaries on both sides even though the incumbent Governor was running, although he had been indicted. As far as issues go, I have right now:

  • Abortion
  • Alternative Minimum Tax
  • Corruption
  • Death Penalty
  • Economy
  • Education
  • Expanded Gaming
  • Fiscal Policy
  • Health Care
  • Gas Prices
  • Gun Control
  • Illegal Immigration
  • Patronage
  • Prison Reform
  • Right-to-Work Law
  • Same-Sex Benefits
  • Tort Reform
  • Veterans' Affairs

And as far as candidates go:


Fmr. Lt. Gov. Steve Beshear

Fmr. Lt. Gov. Steve Henry

Speaker of the Kentucky House Jody Richards

State Treasurer Jonathan Miller (wondering whether to include him since he dropped out two weeks before the primary and endorsed Beshear)

Businessman Bruce Lunsford

Perennial candidate Gatewood Galbraith (gonna be set at 5% support)

Perennial candidate Otis Hensley (gonna be set at 0.5% support)


Governor Ernie Fletcher

Fmr. U.S. Rep. Anne Northup

Businessman Billy Harper

There weren't any independents who ran, although I am thinking of including one as a spacebar candidate.

The main problem I'm having is that I really can't find a good Kentucky map to use. It's worth pointing out that Kentucky has the highest number of counties per capita (120 counties for 4 million people) in the nation. Does anyone have any pointers on how to create a map and how to weight EVs in the general election, etc. I can take care of everything else if I can create a map or if someone else can do it. Let me know what you think (it's appreciated, being my first attempt at scenario creation and all).

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That's true...not to mention that if he had ran, most of the Dems would have dropped out of the race. I'll make him off by default...

As far as other candidates go (all off by default):

(Additional) DEMOCRATS:

Louisville Metro Mayor Jerry Abramson

Lobbyist, former State Dem Chair, and fmr. State Rep. Terry McBrayer

Fmr. Gov. Brereton Jones (complicated since he would def. be a Beshear Crusader)

Fmr. Gov. and current State Sen. Julian Carroll

Fmr. State Auditor Ed Hatchett

State Auditor Crit Luallen

Note: I would place AG Greg Stumbo in...he wanted to run and would have been a frontrunner if not the frontrunner, but an Ethics Commission ruling stated he couldn't run because he had prosecuted Fletcher.

(Additional) REPUBLICANS:

Fmr. State Party Chair Ellen Williams

Secretary of State Trey Grayson (came very close to announcing)

U.S. Rep. Ed Whitfield

Ag Commish and UK Basketball Star Richie Farmer (was recruited to do so)

Senate President David Williams

Note: There used to be a joke about the KY GOP that went along the lines of them holding their state conventions in a phone booth. The RPK has been historically moribund and has only recently established itself as a major force in Kentucky. As recently as 1990, Democrats held 90% of the seats in the Kentucky legislature. It is for this reason that it is difficult to come up with as many realistic potential candidates as with the Democrats. If anyone knows of any that I'm overlooking, I'd be happy to add them.

I think it would be best (and simpler) to keep the total number of possible primary candidates down to 8 (I have 14 real and prospective with the Dems) on both sides...any thoughts?

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