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Version of President Forever 2008 + Primaries Released!

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Make North Dakota a tossup state.

Make Obama stronger in Virgina, Florida and Penn.

Make Georgia slightly less McCain.

And make Arizona a tossup state.

(My comments refer to the Political Wonk scenario.)

North Dakota was not a toss-up state at the beginning of September, and I doubt Obama will win it. That said, it is quite possible to get N.D. in the scenario (likewise with Montana).

In none of those three was Obama double-digits before the economic problems (technically, ahead in Virginia, ahead in Penn., trailing in Florida), and after the economic problems and the event series in-game that deals with it he should be.

We'll have to see turn-out numbers on Tuesday, but it is possible to flip Georgia against a human player.

Not until recently, but (pending final numbers) McCain should indeed be weakened in Arizona.

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This new scenario seems quite unbalanced towards the Democrats. I space-barred as Baldwin for the constitution party. The democratic primaries lasted into May/June when Obama finally beat Clinton. Huckabee did very well after taking a lot of Super Tuesday states. Just before Clinton pulled out; the Republican party had a large lead. The lead faded away quickly and Obama had very large positive momentum while Huckabee had between Neutral and lots of negative momentum. THe results were quite outstanding. Obama had 462 EVs, Huckabee had 76 EVs. Huckabee only had Florida, Idaho, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma and South Carolina. It seems a bot odd that Obama would take a state like Texas (56.8%-40.3%) by greater by the Popular vote percentage (55.4%-42.1%). Also, Obama managed to win the entire south except Florida, Oklahoma and Missouri while somehow losing votes in Florida (52.8%-46% compared to 52.1%-47.1% in 2004). Also, Huckabee lost his home state which seems an add thing to happen.

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I've won with the Republicans in either the regular or the 2008 wonk scenario. It's not easy, but it's certainly possible against both the AI and an actual human player.

If there is some specific issue to be raised I'd love to hear it, but I assure all and sundry Republicans can indeed win.

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I've won with the Republicans on hard as Thompson before...

It wasn't a landslide for them, fo sure, I narrowly won IA and OH to victory, but a landslide wasn't possible for Republicans this election season, at all.

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