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Which scenario should I do next?


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Well I am thinking that the Liberals and NDP would, since they aren't being dominated by Quebec and Ontario, moderate their views. Most Western Liberals and NDPers are more Moderate, any way. Plus, perhaps the Progressive Conservatives make a run as well? They could pick up a few seats. I can help with parties if you want, such as compiling a list and candidates?

Your future scenarios also would be fun.

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After eight years of PM Harper and six years of PM Kennedy, who was in a Coaltion with the Green Party, Canada is now having two new leaders, as Bernard Lord for the Conservatives and Shawn Graham for the Liberals.

The Bloc has now only 10 seats under Réal Ménard and the NDP is not doing well with Paul Dewar as leader. The Greens are now becoming Canada's third party under charismatic party leader Blair Wilson.

At the dissolution of parliament:

Liberals=130 seats

Conservatives=120 seats

Green Party=28 seats

NDP=20 seats

Bloc Québécois=10 seats


The PQ is no more with two parties replacing it and with many defections to the PC (sucessor to the ADQ as the conservative voice of Québec): the PSDQ (center-left party which is led by Amir Khadir and is united with the Green Party) and the PNQ which is a nationalist center-right party. The Liberal Party is the first party.

At the dissolution of parliament:

PLQ=64 seats

PC=28 seats

PSDQ=25 seats

PNQ=8 seats

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Canada-2020, Québec-1960, Québec-1970, Québec-1985, Québec-2020 i want it all! :P

But your view about your 2020 scenario was a little bit out of realism, more for Quebec scenario. I explain me, the Quebec never have more than 3 parties in the Assemblée Nationale (except 1973,1976 where 4 parties are in Assembly (PQ,PLQ,Union Nationale (least than 12), Crédit social (1 or 2 seats)). The idea to change the ADQ to PC maybe is good if you take in consideration the fact of Dumont don't lead more ADQ at this time. But the destruction of PQ...Is the dream of federalists no more, no less. :P A split-up between the right-wing and left-wing sovereinist, or between hardliner and moderate (separation question) in PQ to form an another party is more realist.

For Canada 2020, i better see a fusion between Green and NDP for permit to a social-democrat party to survive and the Bloc under the 30 seats is an another federalist dream! :P

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Any other suggestions?

I'm thinking:








The historical scenarios would interest me most. Why not try Québec-1970 or Québec-1985?

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