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The Republic of California

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The Republic of California

This scenario goes on the premise that when California broke away from Mexico it fought the U.S. and therefor stayed independent. It's modern day now, and California is having it's 2008 Presidential election.

Liberal Democrats of California / Center-Left; Left / Vice President Dianne Feinstein, Senate Majority Leader Barbara Boxer, Treasurer Phil Angelides, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Mayor Gavin Newsom

California National Party / Center-Right; Right / Businessman Bill Simon, Former Mayor Richard Riordan, Senator Tom McClintock, House Minority Leader Condoleezza rice

Reform Party of California / Fiscally Conservative; Socially Centrist; Protectionist; Non-Interventionist / Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Businesswoman Meg Whitman, Representative Peter Ueberroth

I'll be using Zions or Dave Hempel's California maps.

Any suggestions? I'll post issues shortly.

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Full reproductive rights for women! Only appoint pro-choice judges to Courts and extend abortion rights!

Keep abortion as it is presently. Safe, legal, and rare. Keep partial-birth abortion legal.

Protect responsible choice. Ban partial-birth abortions except in the case of life of the mother.

Abortion is not an issue for government intrusion. Leave it to referendum.

Some restrictions on abortion. Allow abortions in cases of rape, incest, or life of the mother. Ban partial birth abortions.

Only allow abortion in cases where the mother's life is at risk. Ban partial-birth abortion.

Abortion is murder! Total ban on abortions.


A deficit and debt is fine. Focus on social programs and how the government can better people's lives.

Increase government spending on social programs, a deficit is acceptable.

Focus on real priorities. More funds for social programs.

Balance lowering the deficit with other priorities. No long-term deficits.

We need to curb spending in order to balance the budget. Respect taxpayers' dollars.

A large decrease in federal spending. A Balanced Budget Amendment to ensure responsible fiscal management.

We need to eliminate all debt as quickly as possible. Outlaw deficit spending with a Balanced Budget Amendment.

Business Tax

Significantly increase business taxation.

Moderate increase in business taxes.

Small increase in business taxation.

Businesses are taxed the right amount.

Reduce taxes for small businesses.

Moderate decrease in business taxation.

Significantly decrease business taxation.


Completely public school system run by the state. Massive increase to funding.

No school vouchers, large increase to state funding. Modernize school system with more after-school programs.

Support our public school system. Private school vouchers drain resources from public schools. Increase funding.

Support public school system but allow room for vouchers.

School vouchers for lower-income students. Privatize failing schools. Charter schools provide competition.

Support school vouchers and charter schools. Reduce federal government's role in education.

School vouchers for anyone. Get the federal government out of education completely!


Renewable energy all the way! Ban all polluting forms of energy like oil and coal.

Move towards energy independence focussing mostly on renewable energy sources. Subsidize clean energy.

Invest in clean energy and end oil company subsidies. Cut oil use significantly by 2025.

Renewable and non-renewable energy must be equally researched.

Reduce dependence on foreign sources of oil. Some research on alternate energy sources.

Coal and oil are our main concerns right now. End dependence on foreign energy. Let private funds research other energy.

We don't need to worry about renewable energy sources. Oil is king!

U.S. Relations

We should actively oppose the U.S.

We must significantly distance ourselves from the U.S.

We should stand up to the U.S. more often.

Maintain a stable relationship with the U.S.

We should work for closer ties with the U.S.

The U.S. is our best friend and ally, actively support them.

All the way with the U.S.A! Actively support U.S. foreign policy.


The environment should be our first national priority. Large government programs.

The environment and gobal warming is a major concern. Increase environmental regulations and pollution cleanup. Join Kyoto.

We need to leave a healthy environment for our children. Work to reduce emissions and harmful toxins. Modified Kyoto.

Balance environmental policies with sound economic policies.

The environment is important. Find market based solutions to environmental problems.

Economic policies and priorities take precedence over environmental concerns.

The environment is fine. We don't need to worry about it.

Gun Control

Ban all guns!

We need gun control! Ban certain guns. Require registration/background checks. Gun control protects children.

The right to bear arms, but only responsibly! Ban assault rifles, require registration/background checks.

Responsible gun ownership is fine. Require concealed weapons licences.

We should be wary of gun control. The Second Amendment protects the right to bear arms.

Gun ownership is constitutionally protected. Protect sportsmen's rights and the Second Amendment.

The Second Amendment is not negotiable! No restrictions on firearms!

National Health Service

Dramatically increase funding, end all private sector interference.

Increase funding. Cut private sector involvement.

Work to cut costs. Public-private relationship is essential.

Leave as is.

Sell off aspects of the NHS to the private sector.

Decrease funding. Sell of large majority of NHS.

Completely privatise healthcare.

Prison Reform

Rapidly expand Centres for Reform to deal with crime. Rapidly decrease prison sentencing.

Reform sentencing laws. California sends too many young people to prison.

Increase prison capacity and look at reforming prison sentencing laws.

Invest in correctional officer pay.

The state should build more prisons to deal with capacity issues.

Rapid expansion of the supermax program to sentence more criminals to corrective rehabilitation.

Aggressive expansion of prison places and tough mandatory sentencing laws to lock up those who commit crimes.


Completely open borders. Try to obtain global citizenship.

Immigration is great! The more immigrants the better. Just require a criminal record check. Full blanket-amnesty.

Legal immigration is great. Support guest-worker program for illegals and amnesty.

Enforce current laws and tighter border security but allow room for a guest-worker program.

Illegal immigration is a serious problem. Tighter border security. Reform immigration laws.

Tighten border security with stricter immigration enforcement provisions. Deport illegal immigrants.

Stop all immigration completely. Deport illegal aliens and build massive security fence on the Mexican border.

Official Language

El ingls chupa viva aztlan! Spanish as the official language.

Launch large education programmes teaching English and Spanish to all that want to learn. Add Spanish as an official language.

We should offer all services in Spanish too.

Let each county do what it wants to do. Maintain federal status quo.

Don't mandate English, but encourage it.

Provide mandatory English tests for all State jobs and agencies.

Mandate English for citizenship. Deport non-english speakers.


Protect the Californian labor market. Punish companies that send jobs overseas.

Remove tax incentives on companies that send jobs overseas to discourage outsourcing. Protect Californian labor.

End some of the tax incentives for companies sending jobs overseas. Support Californian labor!

The Californian labor market is fine the way it is.

Outsourcing is not a problem, it is part of a globalized world and helps California.

By outsourcing California frees up a lot of laborers to go on to better jobs. The profit stays at home.

We need to encourage businesses to do whatever is necessary to generate profit and oppose unions.

Personal Tax

Increase income tax for everyone.

Increase income tax for the rich. Reduce slightly for those in lower income bracket.

Keep taxes progressive because it is fair and balanced. Exempt the very poor from taxes.

Leave income tax as it is presently. Keep progressive taxes and remove small hidden taxes like marriage tax.

Reduce income tax for the lower and middle class.

Taxes should be flatter and lower. Across-the-board tax cuts.

Reduce income tax for the rich. Trickle down economics.

Same Sex Marriage

Same-sex marriage is a fundamental human right. Amend the constitution.

Same-sex marriage is a constitutional right. Amend the constitution.

Same-sex marriage. Defend California's current same-sex marriage laws.

Retain same-sex marriage.

Marriage is between a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others. Compromise with unions instead.

Only marriage between a man and a woman should be valid or recognized in California. Fight to overturn same-sex marriage.

Homosexuals need to be treated for their condition.

Social Security

No to any private investment, dramatically increase funding.

No to private investment and personal retirement accounts, increase funding.

Allow a small amount of private investment but keep it regulated.

Keep social security as it is.

Let workers privately invest some of their retirement payments.

Gradually scale down federal involvement and implement privatization of social security over time.

Let workers privately invest all retirement payments.

Term Limits

Scrap the senate and assembly and pass power to local communities for decision making.

The longer the service, the bigger the corruption. Increase term limits to a single term in each position.

Term limits ensure public servants are not bound to special interests for re-election. Maintain current limits.

Maintain the status quo. Have a referendum.

Term limits should be expanded to allow further service. We loose valuable public servants regularly.

Scrap term limits. It is unfair that politicians loose the right to represent the people who chose them for service.

Scrap limits and extend length of incumbency. California wastes too much money having elections!


Organized labor is essential to a worker's state and unions provide the source of our prosperity.

Labor Unions are a worker's best protection against exploitation.

Labor Unions provide job security and allow workers to collectively better themselves and be paid a fair wage.

Labor demands must be balanced with business concerns.

Unions are undermining our economy by blackmailing companies to overpay their workers.

Unions are hindering our economic prosperity with their constant bickering.

Unions should be outlawed.


CALIFORNIA OUT OF NAFTA NOW! Turn to protectionism.

We need to erect large tariff barriers to protect our industries and our labor market. Pull out of free trade agreements.

Some industries need to be protected. Focus on Fair Trade. Review current free trade agreements.

Open markets should be approached with caution.

Most markets should be open. Keep current free trade agreements and some expansion in the future.

All markets should be open! Expand free trade to cover most of the Western Hemisphere.

We should strive to achieve global free trade with no restrictions.

Reforming the Assembly

Don't let businesses affect Congress!

Significant campaign finance reform.

Moderate campaign finance reform.

Congress is fine.

Term limits for Congress.

Congress needs term limits and less financial regulation.

Congress needs term limits and significantly less financial regulation.

North American Union

Sign up immediately. Support the North American Union! Greater powers to the North American Assembly!

Sign up immediately, no need for a vote.

Campaign for 'yes' vote in referendum.

Have referendum, but no campaigning by government either way.

Campaign for 'no' vote in referendum.

We must actively support a 'no' vote and work to stop the referendum.



Withdraw all California troops from Afghanistan NOW!

Withdraw all California troops by a 2009 deadline.

Reduce deployment to a reconstrutive mission. Deadline of 2011 for combat troops.

Work with allies for a multilateral solution.

We must train security forces in Afghanistan and maintain our presence there.

Increase our deployment to Afghanistan! Take on a bigger combat role.

Double our deployment to Afghanistan! Deploy to Iraq as well!

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Problems with this:

How are boxer, whitman, and rice known?

Boxer- Couldn't be a US Senator

Whitman- Why would california elect her if she ran a company non-californian?

Rice-Was never Secretary of State

same with everyone else.

Fixed. See first post. E-Bay is based in California.

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The Republic of California

This scenario goes on the premise that when California broke away from Mexico it fought the U.S. and therefor stayed independent. It's modern day now, and California is having it's 2008 Presidential election.

I'll be using Zions or Dave Hempel's California maps.

Any suggestions? I'll post issues shortly.

I'd recommend a California Green Party or a "United Left of California Party" since they would do pretty well in the coastal regions, especially in the San Fran area.

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