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I was thinking that it might be worthwhile to make some of the more interesting 2008 senatorial and gubernatorial elections. With them, we could release a "super 2008" pack that people could download from the theoryspark website. P.S. I'm sorry about the whole 1972 scenario. I really wanted it to work, but the lack of polling made things too dificult.


Alaska: Ted Stevens starts out with a big lead. But with his indictment, can he hold off The Dems?

Colorado: A close race early on. It could make for one of the better scenarios.

Kentucky: A fight to take on the Republican senate leader. Another big GOP lead early

Louisiana: Mary Landrieu fights to hold on too her seat in a weakening Democratic state.

Maine: A race that is probably an easy GOP hold, but could become interesting DONE

Minnesota: An exciting race with an interesting Dem primary

Mississippi: Conservative vs. Conservative in a fight in the Deep South.

Oregon: Another projected GOP state that has gotten much closer.

New Mexico: A favorable race for the Dems, can the GOP hold Domenici's seat in the desert.

North Carolina: Once a GOP favorite, Dole is now in trouble. With a lead early on, can the Dems race back in.

New Hampshire: Once a safe GOP State, this race could be the tipping point and make NH like any other NE state

Virginia: The popular Mark Warner makes a run at this once solid GOP stronghold.

As far as polls, it would be good to make the races start at a clear polling point, so there is little guess work.

Also, I don't any ideas for governors would be much abliged.

Finally, please post here if any of these scenarios have already been done or are already in the works. I don't plan on doing these alone, since i stink at maps.

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