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A slight mistake made, anybody who downloads it, you need to change independent party with "Marijuana" in the running candidates notepad. It's a really good map, better than the 2003 one, and a good selection of minor parties. And yes, i would like to see a Prince Edward Island or Labrador province one too!

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Ok, thanks I am sorry for the mistake!

I thought I'd give some constructive criticisms on this scenario having played it just once.

This scenario has problems, however, going from memory, the problems may have much to do with the original 2003 scenario which this version updates. Like the original, this scenario is TOO unrealistic because it is just TOO easy to play; I decided to play as the Liberals and felt that the party goal of winning 18% and 3 seats seemed just about realistic. However, at the first attempt, I won 33% and 16 seats.

The main reason for this scenario being too easy is best represented by the fact that I managed to make a profit from the election; The Liberals started with $3m and I ended up with over $3m despite trying to spend as much money as humanly possible.

As far as I can make out, the 2007 update changes the ridings data to the actual 2007 result. So that you start the election in effect at the end of the 2007 campaign which feels a bit odd. Nothing else seems to have been altered, not even the starting issue profiles. Whilst the designer brought up to date the fact that the Sask Party had a new leader, the same was not done for the Green Party (incidentally, no longer known as the New Green Alliance)

Finally, I think the 'look' of a scenario is important. Therefore I didn't like leaving the scenario graphic blank. I also don't like it when leaders pictures are squashed to fit, when a simple bit of graphic editing can make it look so much better.

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Thank you for your feedback.

As can you see, this is far from perfect and this is not a definitive version. I will surely repost another version where all of this would be corrected. However, I have some personnal and work issues right now, so it won't go for about two weeks. I must say that I am a newbie at creating scenarios and I learned it by myself with trial and error.

Also, I don't live in Saskatchewan, so I don't know all the ''insider'' information.

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A slight mistake made, anybody who downloads it, you need to change independent party with "Marijuana" in the running candidates notepad.

If you don't, you get an error message one or two plays into the game.

I decided to dig out my own 2007 Sask scenario to compare it to this one only to discover that when I tried to play it, the same error message pops up one or two plays in. However, in my scenario, it doesn't get resolved as mentioned above. This was obviously the main reason why I did not upload it as I could not 'road test it'.

If there is anyone who would like to try and resolve it, please let me have your email.

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