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2008 Blue Moon and Red Dawn


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just so you don't get upset, frustrated. The start date in both these scenerios wwas set for August 15 (8/15) and that can cause errors late in the game, like a week before the election. don't know why, but it does. So if you go into the scenerio folder and change the dates to September 15 (9/15), the problem will be fixed


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well, you know - I tried to make it hard either way - even in the RD scenerio, you can win w/ a Dem, it's tough but very possible. much easier to win w/ a Republican but that is the point

there is a randomness to the map that I cannot figure out, however, in BM. I've had it start out w/ the Rep way up and vice verca. ????

you know, no point making a super easy one way traffic scenerio, that's dull - space bar through the game and still win kinda thing. Plus, ;) us liberal types like to be challenged, to test our minds, to be forced to learn new and innovative things, whereas dem conservatives <_< , well, they like it all s-p-e-l-l-e-d o-u-t for them w/ a #3 for red paint and a #2 for blue paint and the like


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