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Alberta PC Leadership Convention 2006


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Somewhat inspired by Treasurer of the PC's British Conservative Leadership Convention 1990 scenario (which is an excellent scenario by the way; though I can't seem to win as Thatcher), this scenario came across as a possible idea. As I am juggling several scenario ideas at once right, and don't know what order to do them in after I finish off the US 1996 presidential scenario (though I notice this state of priorities isn't unique on this forum), so I don't know when this would be done. The map and constituencies would be the same as in Alberta 2008 from Alberta Premier 4E, and most of the issues would, too (though the centre would be set further right). Each 'party' would be a leadership candidate and his supporters; the electorate would be a lot smaller given only card-holding PC's could actually vote. The parties/candidates would thus be:

-Ed Stelmach

-Lyle Oberg

-Mark Norris

-Ted Morton

-Dave Hancock

-Jim Dinning

-Victor Doerkson

-Gary McPherson

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