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Samania Votes 2008

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  • 3 months later...

I will work on this one as I think this is my pet project. It will maybe take a few weeks but I will try to do my best to finish it.

As usual, if you have suggestions or you want to give me some help you are welcome as usual.

(I am also very happy indeed that the coordinates for my map were done)

BTW, Qu├ębec 1970 is done as a beta (please see the thread)

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Ok, this is an alpha version and it has some bugs: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=C98XV021

Please note that the ridings are not done (these are Kozakura ridings), the finances are way off and the issues pictures are also not done. But, I must say that I worked very hard all day on it and I hope to have your comments and feedback. So, I hope very much that you like my preview of my Samania 2008 scenario. I am very proud as this is from a country (and a map) that I created from scratch.

Also, two things:

1)For a 80 000 000 country in population, which are good finances numbers?

2)Do you have a quick way to make 480 ridings from scratch?

3)Any ideas for issues positions by provinces?

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In all honesty, I'd recommend you (1) reduce the ridings to 240 considering the size of the country, (2) double the finances for Kozakura since your country is twice the size of Kozakura, and (3) for really quirky issue positions go for 2 regions populist (economically socialist, conservative on foreign and social issues), 2 regions libertarian (opposite thereof), 2 regions socialist, and 2 conservative regions, or just have about 2 regions centre-left or left on most issues, 3 regions center-right or right on most issues, and 3 "swing regions" which are mostly centrist with some CR and CL quirks.

Does this help?

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The positions for each region:

Freedonia: Left-wing both economically and socially at a level like San Francisco or Amsterdam. Prostitution and marijuana is legal but reglemented like in Amsterdam.

New London: Middle of the road both with conservative and liberal bases like Ohio or Ontario. Could be considered a swing region.

Nouvelle-France: Centrist and have a viable libertarian base, however is fiercy pro-french language and pro-culture.

San Andreas: Centrist and could be libertarian at a point like Orange County or some regions of Southern Florida.

New Germany: Rural, populist and conservative like Nebraska, Kansas, North Dakota or South Dakota.

Drakia-Deseret: Very conservative all-round (heart of the Samanian bible belt) just like Utah.

Casacadia-Sama Tue: Is Libertarian in general (like Montana or Alaska) but is pro-environment and pro-Sama culture.

Federal District: A little bit of everything like Ottawa,Ontario (my hometown). Some conservative ridings in the suburbs, some centrist ridings in the inner city and in some suburbs and one or two more left-wing ridings in the city centre. Tends to vote for the winning party in general.

Any comments, questions or suggestions about that?

I will also try to do a version for PM4E Australia and C4E for Samania.

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My first version will have 131 ridings for PM4E Canada and Australia.

However, due to the fact that the ridings are sort of disbalanced due to grandfather clauses, I made a version for C4E where it's proportionnal to the real population of each province with 286 ridings in total.

So, I made a good pack for Samania with three different electoral systems for a test play:

-One updated scenario for PM4E.

-One scenario for PM4E Australia (also works with the others PM4E editions)

-One scenario for the German C4E with PR and 286 ridings for a proportionnate representation for the population of each province.


I am waiting for your feedback and comments!

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