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Played this twice on CFE, i experienced an error with 4 weeks 2 days left Patine. List out of bounds? I managed to bypass it first time, but second game i was forced to quit. I think it plays well with what i have played, good game as the freedom party, realistic, and so far i was getting a good fight with the Austrian's People's Party.

Thanks for trying this out! Any chance you could have a look over the files and see if you can find the error?

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I plan on buying Chancellor Forever later this week, and I thought a scenario for the Austrian elections that just took place might be a good first scenario for this game. As I'm currently juggling se

Okay, I have a Chancellor 4E. Now I can at least get started with the basics of this scenario. Anyone know of a good map?

Thanks for the support! Could you dispense with the constituency-based seats and just use the 'secondary vote' PR seats in each region, or would the game crash? If that wouldn't work, maybe just one c

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It is possible to have some info on each party ideology and core voting patterns for each party base?

Social Democratic Party of Austria (SPO) - A centre-left party nominally tied to the Social Democratic movement of modern Europe, though not quite as left-wing as Germany or Finland's Social Democratic Parties. Supports social infrastructure as it exists in Austria (which, admittedly, is a bit conservative by European standards, but still very generous by US standards) and is socially moderately liberal. Lukewarm on commitment to the European Union.

Austrian People's Party (OVP) - Fiscally and socially conservative party with strong ties to the Roman Catholic Church. Mostly centre-right on most issues. More enthusiastic supporter of the EU than the SPO. Consider themselves a Christian Democratic Party.

Freedom Party of Austria (FPO) - A far-right wing, anti-immigration, somewhat Eurosceptical party with growing appeal in Austria. They oppose Turkey, Georgia, or other Middle-Eastern nations from joining the EU, whose powers they believe should be limited. For cutting down on the welfare state significantly. Socially very conservative.

Alliance for the Future of Austria (BZO) - A schism off the FPO, with a close to identical platform. Only seperated by a vicious leadership division. Tends to get somewhat less votes than the FPO, but is still a rising star.

Green Alternative - A Green Party, though slightly more conservative than most. A viable party with more support than most Green Parties.

Liberal Forum - A schism off the FPO who disagreed with the sudden right-wing spin of the party attempting to appeal to Austria's admittedly small liberal voter base.

Citizen's Forum - Essentially an independent candidate (Fritz Dinkhauser) whose gathered enough supporters to contest the Chancellor position. He is decidedly socially and fiscally conservative. Very small support base.

Communist Party of Austria (KPO) - A typical post-Cold War Communist Party. Minimal support base.

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Did you finish Japan 2009? :)

If so, please send me a copy :D


Thanks in advance!

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Ok I see.

Thanks for the information. :)

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