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On ‎8‎/‎21‎/‎2009 at 4:27 PM, EGaffney said:

Everything sounds OK. Here is what you do:

1. When you download the file, it should be a .zip file that contains a folder called "United Kingdom - 1992".

2. You need to extract that folder to your Prime Minister Forever\scenarios folder. If you use Vista, you can click "Extract all files" at the top of your folder. If not, you need software that can do that.

3. You extract the folder to the file path where your game scenarios are located. You can find this by right-clicking and selecting "Properties", then looking for the thing that begins with "C:". For example, mine is "C:\Program Files\Prime Minister Forever - Canada 2008\scenarios". It will look something like that, except referencing the UK in your case.

4. If my folder is in the scenarios section along with the other scenarios' folders, it should work when you load up the game.

Sorry if this is basic, but I don't know what level of computer skills you have.



I've dug up this old post I made NINE years ago for clarification  (I;ve had a bit of an hiatus from these games for a few years but I'm trying again now)

The suggestion given by Edward above worked for me back in the day, but when Ive recently tried to install newly created scenarios, I now get an error message stating that the scenario is not compatible with my game.  Any ideas please?

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