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New TheorySpark 2008 Scenario

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Alright folks TheorySpark has commissioned me to do a new 2008 scenario. Not as a replacement but as an additional sort of "political wonk" version. Essentially I have a free hand to make the 2008 scenario as detailed as possible.

So, what do y'all want in the scenario?

(Can't guarantee what will and won't make it in since I'm on a deadline, but I'll do my best.)

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More third parties probably aren't going to happen, sorry. None of them are making much of an impact (excepting, potentially, Bob Barr and/or Ross Perot in Montana and even that looks very unlikely these days).

I might include a potential Bloomberg bid but I'm still trying to work out the details since the only way he'd run is if—say—it was a Hillary vs. Romney/Guiliani or something. Perhaps an event series that triggers only if certain candidates are the Democratic & Republican nominees. Therefore he's low in the polls if you turn him on, but gets a momentum boost from if Hillary's the nominee, another one from Romney, and so on. One problem, obviously, is whether his billions would break the game in terms of all the advertising he could run.

I'm also thinking about events for the Republicans based on the head-to-heads from January/February to better model McCain being arguably the most electable Republican.

More national endorsers are probable, as well as more state specific endorsers. You do have to keep in mind that most endorsers are worth little in terms of actually moving the polls though. (Charlie Crist in Florida is an exception.)

I'm going to look at primary results.

I'm going to look at fund-raising.

I'll probably redo some issues to reflect the importance of the economy in the general election.

I'm going to do additional events.

The VP lists will be redone.

Candidates will be tweaked.

Anything else people want?

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Add more candidates, especially ones who ran, but are not included.


Jim Gilmore

Tommy Thompson


Mike Gravel

More third parties!

Boston Tea

Charles Jay

Thomas Knapp


Susan Gail Ducey

Daniel Imperato

Alan Keyes

Max Riekse


Cynthia McKinney

Kat Swift

Kent Mesplay

Jesse Johnson

Jared Ball


Mike Gravel

Daniel Imperato

Mike Jingozian

Steve Kubby

George Phillies

Christine Smith

Socialist Party USA

Brian Moore

Stewart Alexander

Eric Chester


Ralph Nader


Ron Paul

*Paul is on the ballot in Montana.


Ted C. Weill

Frank McEnulty

Well, if you're not going to add more third parties to the game, then I think that 80Soft is going against what their buyers want. You might not nescessarily want to add candidates, but if it were actually 80soft, they would listen.

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It'd cool if some candidates (like Obama) got more money through background fundraising than others.

Not sure if this is the sort of stuff you'll be focusing on, but it'd also be awesome if you could add Russ Feingold as a default off candidate (he was considering a run).

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