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Ecotopia Municipal 2006


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White 55%

Hispanic 25%

Black 10%

Asian 10%


Progressive Party - Kathryn Spencer, Lauren Hughes-Harrison

Democratic Party - James Stewart, Jack Gardner

Republican Party - Adam Yoshida, Thad Anders

Libertarian Party - Eva Marquez, John Whitlow




San Pedro

Rio Rancho


Angel Islands

Paradise Village

Koana Island


Pacific City



Affirmative Action


Economic Development


Gay Rights

Government Reform




K-12 Education

Law and Order

Pesonal Taxes


Property Taxes





Abolish the legal age for gambling. Let's become the new Las Vegas!

Gambling is good for our economy. Support new Casinos.

Require voter approval of new Casinos. Monitor organized crime involvement.

Place a moratorium on new Casinos. New programs for addicts.

Consider a prohibition of gambling and shut down the Casinos.


//Gay Rights

Same-sex marriage is a fundamental human right.

Support civil unions and domestic partnerships.

Protect gays and lesbians from discrimination.

Marriage is between a man and a woman.

Ban gay adoption. No special rights for homosexuals.



Full amnesty for illegal immigrants. Arrest and disarm all racist vigilantes.

Make Ecotopia a "sanctuary city." Stop police immigraton raids.

Crack down on exploitation of illegal immigrants but provide path to citizenship.

Increase police immigration raids to reduce illegal immigration. No amnesty.

Deputize vigilante groups in order to get illegal immigrants out of our city.


//K-12 Education

Abolish all testing. Massive funding increase to pay for a laptop program.

Increase funding for schools, reduce class sizes and raise teacher pay.

Provide merit pay for teachers and encourage charter schools.

Support school vouchers as an alternative to public education.

Bust the teachers' unions and shut down failing schools.


//Law and Order

Bring criminals together with victims and reduce sentencing.

Focus on rehabilitation for criminals and ban all guns.

Put more police on the street and ban handguns.

Establish armed police units, and tougher sentencing.

Restoring the death penalty and ID cards shall end the crime wave.



Raise car + gas taxes to pay for comprehensive programme.

Focus on national monorail + mass transit systems.

Increase bus subsidies and provide free passes for elderly.

Scrap car tax. More funding for road building and maintenance.

Abolish the gas tax. Promote automobile use instead of mass transit.



Expel Wal-Mart from our city and its environs. It's economic terrorism.

Wal-Mart is bad for our economy. Keep it out of our city.

Require Wal-Mart to provide better wages and benefits for its workers.

Wal-Mart will provide greater economic growth with cheaper prices.

Encourage Wal-Mart to build in Ecotopia with generous tax incentives.


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