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Good idea for a England 2015 follow-up.

England 2020: The Rise of the "New Greens"

By 2020, the economy is strong, but the availiability of oil & food could bring economic disaster, as the world has passed the "Peak Oil" stage. Although nuclear and greener ways have been developed, it has still not been enough to prevent temporary food shortages and power shortages in rural areas of UK. Something needs to be done or the cities of Britain will suffer!

The Conservatives are now in their second term under Cameron, but support for the Lab-Lib Alliance is growing. But as shown in the last election, there is now no viable third force, giving people less choice. However, as it has become more and more certain that we need more greener ways to build energy, and the threat of flooding from global warming, this has caused the strongest green parties in Europe to "spike" in support, such as Germany and Austria.

A few years ago, a Conservative cabinet member controversially made a damning verdict on the English Green Party, after their admittance of confidence, they would gain a handful of seats at the next election. The personal verdict was, that in their current form, they would never have enough MP's to make an impression in the Commons, because too many of the members are outsiders of society, and have alienating policies verging onto outright communism, and too much student-y immaturity is present to attract an older audience.

Despite Green denials, 2 years later, as if taking heed of the critism, the Greens have elected an Obama-like leader, who has taken the radical step on culling members who verge on the far left, has developed a more clean-cut, corporate image. Environmental issues stay the same, but this New Green transition, has taken them more to the right on issues such as the economy, drug policy and crime. This has made them more accessable to the public, and they are expecting to gain 20-35 seats in this election.

This leads to a scenario where the Greens could have a vital say, if a hung parliament, with the Lab-Lib Alliance slightly ahead of the Cons. They are most likely to ally with the Lab-Lib Alliance!

Also, the Green Party has switched more priority on helping the working class fight poverty but retaining important working class businesses, not forcing nationalisation for all. Their image is very much like "Old Labour" and this has attracted liberal-thinking middle class in the south, and working classes in North England to vote for them.

The English National Party are heading for a disappointing campaign though.

It is reported to have been said, that if the Green Party stayed in the same form, they would only be expecting 3-5 gains, mostly in the south.

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Lets just say the Lib Dem voice is much more diluted in the alliance, or maybe that is the impression the voters might get, as the majority of MP's are from Labour. Voters could say that the Lib Dems sold out, but the Lib Dems might say the mergance was essential in the interest of English Politics.

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This is not a micronation idea, as it's based on a RL country. I mean, this is like the white elephant in room...if China had a nation-wide democratic election, how would it pan out?

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