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Abe Lincoln

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A few questions:

-Why are nominations only 48 hours long, shouldn't it go all month with a vote at the end of the month, it's the beginning of the month right now.

-Usually when you do things like these you nominate someone else, who is really not given enough thanks for their contributions. You, however, have decided to nomiate your own scneario, which from what I have read from your own comments, is a 'quickie' scenario based off of a professional product, so what exactly vaults this scenario into the 'Scenario of the Month category?

- What about some ground rules/regulations:

What makes a scneario eligible for nomination (does it have to be released in that month, can it be for any game or president forever)

Will we vote as a forum, or are there judges.

Can people put forth their own scenario?

Does the scenario have to be made form scratch or can it be a mod like Gold version 3?

EDIT: Can you nominate more than one

I do not want to attack you, but right now you have set yourself up to be flamed and just for the heck of it I will nominate Zion's New York Gubernatorial Scenario.

EDIT: so I see you have beat me to post and have already answered some questions, but you still need to explain your reasoning behind this idea. This idea is not bad, but you need to explain it first.

EDIT 2: SOme pretty bad spelling errors fixed

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