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Stormark General Election

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I hope that you will put them in one of your next scenario.

However, I played your scenario about 5-6 times with all parties and I must say that the scenario is just too difficult with a landslide of the Konservative or the Social Democrat party (with about 80%-85% of the seats) in all the cases.

Well, the Konservatives and Social Democrats are supposed to be the dominant parties- and the others are pretty much stuck as coalition partners. It is fairly easy to win in landslides as either party, provided you do the right ad, issue, and campaign strategy.

The key with ads is to use at least one attack ad that is a billboard. It's cheap and won't shut down after a period of time has passed, plus it keeps on hurting foes. National and regional ads are good for brief attack ads or positive ads in particular.

I may add in some endorsers to even up the score, but I want to keep the scenario with two main parties and the other 3 coalition parties or spoilers (as per Germany and some other multi-party countries).

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Yeah. The eastern provinces are more conservative, while the western provinces are more liberal and socialist. That being said, each region has to some degree a quirk or two. For example, the rural western provinces are strongly socialist yet are also fairly religious- while the suburban-urban provinces are usually economically conservative but often socially liberal or moderate.

The Greens are strongest in the western provinces plus Uppland and Jorvik and Finnmark. They are extremely weak in the center and center-east provinces.

Often, the coalitions turn out KON-FREM vs SDP-GRN but occasionally it can turn out with VEN coalitioning with the Konservatives or the Socialists depending on the party leader.

Do you guys think I should add endorsers or keep the scenario as is?

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Have you done the modified version?

I have sent out the one with endorsers, but there are still some little things I want to work out. I also want to make sure that the game is winnable for all the parties, so I'm going to keep on betatesting until I feel satisfied enough to have it officially published.

Thanks for your help!

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