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Don't know how to make screenshots so no map...

Regionalism&Economy: On

Dynamism: Off

Played as Kennedy, got lucky and got 2 negative adds out on Nixon, 1 level 6 and another level 5, very early on in the game. Fortunately enough i then got 2 level 4 positive ads and ran them too. In the last 3 weeks I ran 2 scandals on Nixon, 1 level 12, another level 6. He was crippled from very early on.

Final score:

Kennedy: 522 electoral votes, 65% popular vote

Nixon: 15 electoral votse, 34% popular vote *Nixon only won Idaho, Kansas, and Vermont*

I have individual percentages by state if anyone wants to see them.

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i've never run negative ads and have stopped researching scandals altoghter

'cept in the Manchurian Candidate scenerio I did where the whole point is to destroy Islen

still have managed good results, but no massive wins

best i've done recently is 445 evs w/ mary landrieu in Blue Moon '08

most others are close as f*ck all

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i've never run negative ads and have stopped researching scandals altoghter

Negative ads are a definite plus within the first 2 or 3 weeks of the game. It helps you destroy the other candidates momentum very early on, which costs them A LOT of independent voters. Later on I only make positive ads though to solidify my gains from the negative ads on the other guy. Scandals I run very rarely but since I had already gotten around 450 ev's solidly behind me, I thought I'd go the extra mile to try to break 500.

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Scenario: HRC's great Ultimate United North America.

I've tried many a time to beat this scenario with the American Progressives, so I eventually tried with Veronica Rivers, my old PolCan character (Will I ever let go of dear old Ronnie?). I went deep into the game - attacking completely stratigically, making use of endorsements, doing momentum based campaigning and running only the best ads.

And I was doing okay, too, until Miller and Keyes both melted in an awesomely gooey fashion (One newspaper was a level nine scandal on Miller, a level ten on Keyes and a level eleven on Miller. :o). Then I did an ad blitz (Not the classic "run ads in every state" one, but rather a fortified blitz with four high-level ads (three seven, one six) on areas I thought I had a chance of winning.


I think the picture speaks for itself.

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