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Well, still a good outcome. Technically, if it were a college level debate, Obama would probably lose. He would win in speaker points (persuasivness, delivery,) but he would lose the arguments. Huntsm

Obama because I was barnstorming like crazy.

2008 election scenario I was Al Gore. I started in the primaries and won. I faced George Allen. This was on hard mode 2008 election Results: Al Gore 538 Electoral Votes 67% of the Popular Vote Geo

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I just finished a few 2008s... My first one was with Kucinich in 2008 where I beat Moore.:


Then I was Clark in Ultimate 2008 (I used the ad "cheat; without it I lost <_< ). I beat Frist quite handily: http://picturevillage.com/photo/showpicful...55769&aid=20639

make you pics bigger

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I was Bush. I had a few scandals for Clinton early that I released later, although late in the campaign i got slaughtered with scandals. All the ads I made were at about a 6 power. I made a lot of foot soldiers when i got the momentum going. I really only went after the bigger states for most of the campaign and once i had a few going my way id move on to the next group. Also, some luck.

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as Hillary in "Ultimate 2008": no dynamism, two big scandals on Frist in the last week offset my medium scandal, but Hillary led wire-to-wire pretty much.


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