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US - 2016 - Amy Klobuchar

FInal Primary Percentage Tally


Clinton, 23.8%

Other, 16.5% (Warner 5.7%)

Chose O'malley as running mate and fought general election against Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush

Amy Klobuchar & Martin O' Malley - 56.3% - 365

Marco Rubio & Jeb Bush - 43.7% - 172

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Well, still a good outcome. Technically, if it were a college level debate, Obama would probably lose. He would win in speaker points (persuasivness, delivery,) but he would lose the arguments. Huntsm

The TheorySoft official 2012 Scenario Played as Huntsman, running on my integrity, leadership, and against Romney's healthcare stance. I pulled off a surprise upset win in Iowa. One day before the ca

Obama because I was barnstorming like crazy.

Posted Images

Played UK 1992 for President Forever 2016 (a scenario I'm working on myself). I as usual had 2 attacking the opponent (in this case Kinnock's Leadership and Issue Familiarity) while boasting about my Integrity. I didn't actually barnstorm all that much but I discovered a handy thing; when I did campaign in a region I had both myself and the Vice-Leader do 3 barnstorms, 3 rallies and 3 policy speeches, each, all in the one day in the same state. This meant I was just spinning most of the time but when I did hit the campaign trail it was so effective that I didn't need to. While my 18 Tactic as I'll call it for short does make your Energy Points hugely negative meaning I don't fancy campaigning until they're back at 100 which is a fair while you get so much momentum all at once that it won't ever go negative and there'll be a knockon effect such that you'll all of a sudden have the lead in states you've ignored entirely. To keep CPs free so I'd have more Energy Points and less chance of a gaffe as a result I didn't research any scandals but playing as the Tories in this scenario it's virtually impossible for any scandal to be researched on you. I created a surrogate (Major's wife Norma) and set her to automatic. When I made ads I had them boasting about my integrity and started work on them all at the same time and released them all at the same time. Unlike in Prime Minister Forever British 2010 in this game it's all about getting the biggest momentum possible all at the one time because footsoldiers aren't created automatically based on it in this game but you can do more than one action. From the start there wasn't much doubt as to who would win as I played on Easy and it's especially easy for the Conservatives in this scenario as Labour seemed to have a Murphy's Law sort of campaign that year. For the sake of simplicity I set things up pretending that every single person in the UK had a vote (1.2 million people in every region) but in the end 42 million turned out (I forgot to edit the eligible voters numbers).

Final Result

Major/Heseltine 549 EV 59.6%

Kinnock/Hattersley 101 EV 40.4%

In every region they won apart from DC I would have been the winner if I only had a measly 2% more of the vote. Still. I accepted the block grant. I got a score of 103.

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Mulroney's Wager - 1988 as Liberals

Liberal - 37%, 150 (+110)

NDP - 31%, 87 (+57)

PC - 27%, 54 (-157)

Reform - 3%, 4 (+4)

BC -

Liberal - 25%, 1 (Turner)

NDP - 47%, 31

PC - 24%, 0

Reform - 4%, 0


Liberal - 18%, 0

NDP - 24%, 5

PC - 33%, 17

Reform - 25%, 4


Liberal - 20%, 0

NDP - 52%, 14

PC - 24%, 0

Reform - 4%, 0


Liberal - 36%, 6

NDP - 34%, 6

PC - 24%, 2

Reform - 6%, 0

Ont -

Liberal - 43%, 72

NDP - 32%, 31

PC - 24%, 1

Qc -

Liberal - 39%, 39

NDP - 24%, 3

PC - 36%, 33

NB -

Liberal - 51%, 10

NDP - 25%, 0

PC - 25%, 0

NS -

Liberal - 56%, 11

NDP - 25%, 0

PC - 18%, 0


Liberal - 56%, 4

NDP - 25%, 0

PC - 18%, 0


Liberal - 54%, 5

NDP - 19%, 1

PC - 27%, 1

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Biden/Kaine- 355


A very thrilling game for my first clash with PF2016. The Primaries where a challenge and I only scrapped past by 200 delegates on the weekend of the convention, O'Malley put up a very good fight and if Clinton had endorsed rather than withdraw he would of had a landslide. The Northern swing states were secured with ease in the first couple of weeks with only Michigan proving difficult. Managed to secure Georgia and Florida after the second debate and a lot of barnstorming with Barack. Then with only a week left my numbers in Texas shot up putting me on 44%, I held two massive rallies on the two days before the polls opened and called in Jill Biden.

Managed to scrape Texas by only 7,000 votes- I guess the 150,000 libertarians votes helped with that. Also managed to secure Georgia by only 15,000 and rather proudly Florida by over a million with Christie only getting 39%.

I was shocked by my success expecting only to get about 290 overall but it just shows how strong old joe is.

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Playing as Debs in 1912. Everybody on (I forgot to turn off Roosevelt for the Republicans). I decide to build up my fundraising strength and get William Jennings Bryan on my side while also fundraising. Organisation strength will cost 40,000 a turn but a first turn fundraiser in Debs' native Indiana gets over 46,000. Clearly money is his weak point and charisma his strong one. 6 turns in with getting WBJ beyond hope I switch to 2 fundraisings a turn instead. On the 17th turn I had over 1,260,000 but fundraising in the same place more than once decreases the funds you get there very much very quickly so I returned to Indiana and began spending the 2 spare CPs on Command Strength. 65 turns in I now had 7 CPs so I spent 1 on improving my ads strength. My plan is to get a lot of money then launch ad after ad. When my Command Strength hit 4 on the 155th turn I stopped spending on it to keep my finances in order and that certainly helped. On the 153rd turn my Fundraising Strength went to 5. With 3 CPs freed up I assigned them to Command Strength. Turn 115 and Taft became the Republican nominee with La Follette as his VP. Exactly halfway between the start of the campaign and election day Clark got the Democratic nomination with Wilson as VP. When my Coomand Strength got to 5 I stepped up the building of Ads Strength and started building Ground Strength. I was running slight deficits but I had a lot of money so it didn't matter. I also went after the Labour Unions (who are still described as Right in one of the biggest ironies I have seen in this game). On turn 46 I took one CP off of creating Ads Strength as this was about to finish anyway. I set my them to boasting about my Experience while criticisng Taft's Leadership and Clark's Integrity. I started the ad blitz by creating 4 ads attacking Taft's Leadership though with money tight I held off on releasing them for a fair while, a mistake as they're not all that expensive in 1912. Finally on the 219th turn the Labor Unions endorsed me. With 25 turns to go and the ads hurting Taft but not helping me I switched to ads about my Experience. With 19 turns to go my Ground Strength went to 5. I spent my 6 spare CP on building footsoldiers in the very biggest states. With 17 turns to go I sent myself and the VP nominee Seidel to New York for rallies and barnstorming being as I was on only 0.1% nationally. With 13 turns to go I started targeting New York, Pennsylvania and Illinois then Ohio and Texas then Missouri, Massachusetes and Michigan. In the last days of the campaign I had myself and Seidel barnstorm and rally in Pennsylvania then Illinois and after that Ohio and Texas. With 2 turns to go the money ran out so I sat tight. Going into polling day I was on 1% nationally with a momentum of +1.4, by far the best momentum. In the end it was a Taft landslide with me getting 2.3% of the vote and 0 EVs. I've drawn the following conclusions; when I did win this scenario as Debs it was through ads, ads, ads so that's how you win as him and what I knew already that the Republicans shouldn't start off in the lead in every state and that if I can get a number of strengths to 5 before the general then the major parties should have all of their strengths bumped up to 5 when starting in the general and that the minor parties should get boosts to their strengths at the same rate for example all of the Republicans' Strengths go up by 1 to 5 so all of the Socialists and Bull Moose Strengths go to 2.

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Texas - 2014

Anise Parker


Parker-1444, 34.2%

Castro-756, 18.8%

Kirk-732, 18.1%

Cuellar-296, 9.7%

White-70, 5.8%

Edwards-32, 5.7%

Rawlings-0, 3.5%

Sanchez-3, 1.3%

Sadler-2, 1.1%

Radnofsky-0, 1.1%

Friedman-0, 0.7%










Nominees -

Anise Parker & Henry Cuellar

Rick Perry & Mike Jakcson


Week - 1



Week - 2



Week - 3



Week - 4



Week - 5



Week - 6



Week - 7



Week - 8



Week - 9



Week - 10



Week - 11



Week - 12



Week - 13



Week - 14



Week - 15



Week - 16



Week - 17



Week - 18



Week - 19







Anise Parker - 6,486,882 - 53.6%

Rick Perry - 5,621,637 - 46.4%

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Playing as Cruz in 2016 and on medium, I cruised my way to victory in the primaries, earning big-name endorsements like Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, and Tea Party Express, winning over 40% of the popular vote with 2,000 delegates. Biden, the underdog in the Democratic primaries, gave Hillary and Cuomo a run for their money, and Biden eventually won the primaries with over 50% of primary voters with every delegate going to him.

On the Republican ticket, was Cruz/Palin. And the Democratic ticket was Biden/Clinton. Before and during the election time, the Tea Party message of less taxes, and limited government appealed to the American people, leading the Democrats by 5-10 percent in most states, including CA.

Election day results: Republicans won with over 350+ delegates, and 58% of the vote. Democrats only won with under 200 EV, and 38% of the vote. CA was deep Republican in this election, with deep Democrat states beating Republicans by only 5-6% of the vote, except Washington D.C.

Cruz and Palin won the election.

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Finally got past the primaries. The general election proved to be a breeze after that.

Huckabee/Ayotte 432 EV, 50.8%

Clinton/Castro 106 EV, 37.1%

Bloomberg/Hagel 0 EV, 10.1%

Ventura/Johnson 0 EV, 1.3%

Stein/Honkala 0 EV, 0.6%

The most interesting state result was New York:

Huckabee 42.8%

Bloomberg 39.2%

Clinton 13.6%

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There is no way Huckabee would get even 40 percent in New York, even with Ayotte. I think the game needs some modifications that make it impossible for some candidates to win certain states. For instance, Cruz would never win DC and Bernie Sanders would never win Utah.

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My first President Infinity win (I usually play until the primaries, but this time decided to go ahead. Last full game since Howard Baker).

A tip from jvikings1 to pressure candidates to endorse me once they showed signs of slipping stopped the second place candidate endorsements, and I won the nomination easily once that started happening.

Clinton looked like she was going to lose the nomination at one point - that's how badly things were going for her, but she stabilized once candidates started dropping out and endorsing her.

There was never a serious chance of Cruz losing the electoral college, even though a couple times early in the campaign the popular vote was a virtual tie. Nevada and Wisconsin were two of the most back and forth states, ironically.

On election night, though, it was Ohio that kept flipping the most, but we won that and even managed to steal Michigan, thanks to the UAW's endorsement. Our closest loss was North Carolina - 45,000 votes and a 1% difference. Otherwise, Cruz pretty much, well... cruised.

Tickets were Cruz/Fiorina and Clinton/O'Malley. I'm not sure why Clinton chose O'Malley. Fiorina on my part was a ploy to try and siphon some of the female vote from Clinton, and try for a somewhat more moderate Republican to balance Cruz's Tea Party craziness.

Cruz/Fiorina - 49.9% of the vote - 416 electoral votes - 75.1 million

Clinton/O'Malley - 36% of the vote - 109 electoral votes (Illinois, New York, North Carolina, Delaware, Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, Massachusetts, D.C., Hawaii) - 54.2 million

Bloomberg/Don't remember - 8.4% - 13 electoral votes (Virginia by approx. 80k votes over me) - 12.675 million

Stein/Don't remember - 3.1% - 4.69 million

Johnson/Don't remember - 2.5% - 3.8 million

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I have tried several times President Infinity 2016, and it seems that it is very difficult to win anything with the Democrats. In medium difficulty, I never managed to win with them, the best I could do was loosing of few great electors. Is there any way to win against the republicains in this mode? It seems very hard.

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On 7/22/2015 at 3:44 PM, Edouard said:

I have tried several times President Infinity 2016, and it seems that it is very difficult to win anything with the Democrats. In medium difficulty, I never managed to win with them, the best I could do was loosing of few great electors. Is there any way to win against the republicains in this mode? It seems very hard.

I know this post is over 3 years old, but I'll post some advice in case you're still looking for an answer or someone else has the same question.  Once you get the hang of it, these games get a lot easier.  I do play 7-day turns, which shouldn't make a huge difference but it does make the games go by quicker, and it means every turn, I am planning out my entire week like it's a primary.

I use essentially the same strategy in 2016 that I use in most scenarios, and usually my results end up looking like Obama's 2012 victory over Romney - about 320-330 Electoral Votes, along with a 1-4% margin in the popular vote.

First, compare your attributes with your main opponent's, as well as your platform.  Before you do anything else, click "Theme" and pick 3 areas where you are unquestionably superior to your opponent (if possible).  If you're closer to the public on the issues, use that issue, preferably a high-profile one.  If you're both tied in an attribute, use an issue instead - the idea is that all 3 parts of your theme are things you can hammer repeatedly that make you preferable to your opponent.  I usually never change my platform unless I'm playing a scenario where I have a real fringe candidate, and even then, I'll only do it once at the beginning so I can make that issue part of my theme.

Next, keep an eye on "Player Info", and try to improve your campaign as much as you can, whenever you can.  This is a lot easier when you start games in primaries or if the general election is still several weeks away - usually if the game is less than 50 days I don't bother improving my campaign unless all my campaign levels are at 2 or 3.  Ideally you want everything to be at 5, but that's not always possible, so I give priority to CP, Spin and Research before anything else.  Usually whatever I'm working on will be at x2 or x3 so I can reap the benefits ASAP.

In a given week, I try to have my main candidate do at least 2-3 barnstorming events, depending on energy level and where he/she is with other attributes.  Make sure to have 1-2 days in each week where you dedicate 2x to either Debating or Issue Knowledge (or both) so you can be in good shape for the debates - and remember to be well-rested before them, preferably at 100 EPs or more.  Same goes for your VP.  I almost always decline public funding and have either my candidate or VP do a Fundraiser at least once a week, twice if I can spare both of them.  I'll usually pick the highest-dollar state like California unless a more competitive state like Florida offers a similar amount of money - remember wherever you pick to Fundraise, that region has to "recharge" for you to haul in the big bucks next time you Fundraise back there.  If a place has very high momentum, usually +10 to +15 or so, I'll try to do a rally when I can.  Usually I leave out speeches entirely unless I get an Insight.

With ads, always keep an eye on how much money running them is costing you vs. how much you are Fundraising (if any).  Since I do 7-day weeks, I mentally divide my remaining money by 7 to get an idea of what I should spend in a given week.  If I did public financing, I just divide by 7 and adjust my ads accordingly.  If Fundraising is on, I'll sometimes throw in an extra Fundraiser or two when possible to help fill the campaign coffers.  My usual mix of ads is about 75% positive, 25% negative - I find for the post part that's a good mix, and if I run a negative ad, I stick to the issues and attributes where I know I'm superior (just like the Theme).

Remember to check the Strategy section constantly and Target, add Campaign Strength and Footsoldiers to any state or region where you have a chance.  Ideally, you'll have everything Targeted, all Campaign Strength levels at 6 (after Targeting) and 5 Footsoldiers - again, I realize this usually isn't possible, so just try to prioritize wisely.  I usually pick one toss-up, one Lean Republican and one Lean Democratic state each week for this.  I will adjust if one state needs momentum - keep an eye on the momentum, as well as which way states are trending.  If Michigan, for example, is already starting to move your way with just 2 Strength levels and 1 Footsoldier, you probably don't need to spend all your time getting everything up to 5s and 6s.  Also look at what your opponent is doing - both of you will ideally try to "poach" states where you sense weak spots or lack of attention.

I try to have as many Campaign Surrogates as possible at any given time, and I usually set them to be automatic.  I frequently use them to spin major events like scandals, debate outcomes and momentum stories like when I get the Big Mo'.  I try to get these stories at least over 100%, even more if possible.  I don't have them spin everything though, and when spinning, I'll usually ignore most minor-party candidates, focusing on myself and my main opponent.

Sorry for the novel, but I used to play P4E, and the different format for PI initially threw me off too.  Once you get the hang of it though, you should be winning campaigns left and right.  I hope this helps. 🙂

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Here's a few different results I have from games I've played on Medium, starting in the General Election.  I don't always play Clinton vs. Trump.  In all these cases, I used the strategy I described up above.




A couple more notes:

-The sooner you start, the sooner you can get your Campaign up to all 5s, and the sooner you can max out Campaign Strength (6) and Footsoldiers (5) in every state.  Given the choice between August 1st or September 1st, I usually start August 1st, unless I choose to start from the primaries entirely.

-I do sometimes interfere in what my Campaign Surrogates are doing, if I need an extra Fundraiser or a state needs some extra attention here or there - I just wanted to clarify my earlier point.  But usually I leave them on automatic, especially if I'm able to target all the states I want.

-The biggest waste of your money is targeting "Safe" states with ads - if you're going to spend $10 million, you get a lot more mileage spending that on 2 different ads in all the battleground states, vs. 1 ad that airs everywhere.  On the other hand, keep an eye on trends - if safe states are getting less safe, it may be worth giving them a little bit of love.

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4 minutes ago, darkmoon72 said:

Just cleaned up with "Old Fuss and Feathers" Winfield Scott in the 1852 campaign.

I won every state except Texas, which Pierce won by a slender 52.5%-47.5% majority.


The really funny thing is, because of game limits, and scenario progression, there'd still be a Republican Party next election, and a dying Whig Party on it's last legs being better off endorsing a three-issue secretive, paranoid party than running their own candidate. :P

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On 12/2/2018 at 2:56 PM, Patine said:

The really funny thing is, because of game limits, and scenario progression, there'd still be a Republican Party next election, and a dying Whig Party on it's last legs being better off endorsing a three-issue secretive, paranoid party than running their own candidate. :P

Yeah, it would be fun to explore alternate history scenarios down these various rabbit holes - but that would make the game way more complicated, and of course we can only really guess as to how history might've changed.  My guess is in real life, the Whig Party may have lasted a couple more cycles, as their gimmick of nominating and electing war heroes would've succeeded for the third time.  I think Scott's loss brought the party's deep divisions into focus, and a victory might have kicked that can down the road for a short time - but only for a short time.

Here's my best 1856 result as Frémont.  Unlike my previous 1856 results, I managed to win the popular vote this time, because I put Frémont on the ballot in Southern states where he had no chance.


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My best 1872 result as Horace Greeley.  Since I really couldn't beat Grant on personal attributes, I changed my campaign theme to be about the issues instead.  Another interesting "What if" question - would Greeley still have died in late November 1872 if he had won the election?  If so, how would all of these electoral votes have been split up? 😉


My best as William Jennings Bryan, 1896:


My best 1912 win with Theodore Roosevelt as Progressive/Bull Moose Party:


Also 1912, but I won the Republican primaries with Roosevelt and played with the Bull Moose party turned off:


And my best as Robert "Fighting Bob" LaFollette, 1924:


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17 hours ago, darkmoon72 said:

My best 1872 result as Horace Greeley.  Since I really couldn't beat Grant on personal attributes, I changed my campaign theme to be about the issues instead.  Another interesting "What if" question - would Greeley still have died in late November 1872 if he had won the election?  If so, how would all of these electoral votes have been split up? 😉


I don't remember where I read this, but I'm pretty such the devastating defeat put a large toll on Greeley which contributed to his eventual death shortly after.

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8 hours ago, jvikings1 said:

I don't remember where I read this, but I'm pretty such the devastating defeat put a large toll on Greeley which contributed to his eventual death shortly after.

Much has been attributed to the illness and death of Greeley's wife just before the election - he stopped campaigning entirely to be with her, and was reportedly devastated by her loss even before the election was over.  Shortly after the election he also discovered a movement to unseat him at his own newspaper.  I think all of these things combined were likely the primary contributors to his death.

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