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That's a pretty legitimate outcome (if Huntsman wins the nomination). Huntsman has a great jobs record and a fantastic amount of experience. Plus, he looks the part.

Good job!

Who won the debates?

Obama because I was barnstorming like crazy.

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Well, still a good outcome. Technically, if it were a college level debate, Obama would probably lose. He would win in speaker points (persuasivness, delivery,) but he would lose the arguments. Huntsm

The TheorySoft official 2012 Scenario Played as Huntsman, running on my integrity, leadership, and against Romney's healthcare stance. I pulled off a surprise upset win in Iowa. One day before the ca

Obama because I was barnstorming like crazy.

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Well, still a good outcome. Technically, if it were a college level debate, Obama would probably lose. He would win in speaker points (persuasivness, delivery,) but he would lose the arguments. Huntsman offers substance and knows how to rebut while Obama is limited to platitudes.

Obama because I was barnstorming like crazy.

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Canada - 2015 (No Bloc)

Liberal - 294 - 59.6%

NDP - 14 - 21.9%

Conservative - 0 - 13.4%

Green - 0 - 5.1%

NDP Seat Distribution

Atlantic - 0

Quebec - 12 (8 in NC Quebec)

Ontario - 2

West - 0

Calgary Southwest

Conservative - Stephen Harper (x)- 12,113 22%

Liberal - Marlene LeMontagne - 33,157 60.1%

NDP - Holly Heffernan - 5,932 10.8

Green - Kelly Kristie - 3,972 7.2%


Conservative - S. Harper (Upset)

Liberal - Bob Rae (Victorious)

NDP - Robert Chisholm (Upset)

Green - Elizabeth May (Upset)

Big Upsets

Jim Flaherty (Con)

Peter Mackay (Con)

Geal Shea (Con)

Peggy Nash (NDP)

Tom Mulcair (NDP)


Nycole Turmel Margin 7.1%

Bob Rae Margin 48%

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From a 2016 scenario I made that assumes an Obama re-election in 2012. The available candidates in order or status/chances at nomination:

Republican Candidates:

Senator John Thune, S.D.

Senator Marco Rubio, FL.

Governor Chris Christie, N.J.

Governor Bobby Jindal, LA.

Governor Bob McDonnell, VA.

Governor Mitch Daniels, IN.

Governor Sam Brownback, KS.

Democratic Candidates:

Senator Mark Warner, VA.

Governor Andrew Cuomo, N.Y.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, N.Y.

Fmr. Governor Tim Kaine, VA.

Senator Kay Hagan, N.C.

Senator Bob Casey, PA.

Governor Martin O'Malley, MD.

Optional Independent Candidates:

Mayor Michael Bloomberg, N.Y.

Governor Lincoln Chafee, R.I.

Rather than playing it myself, I created a test party and simulated the results with Chafee running as an independent (goal to win R.I. + 5% nationally) and here are the results based on Warner/Gillibrand vs. Thune/Christie vs. Chafee/Charlie Crist:



Also, based off those results I created a 2020 scenario where Warner seeks re-election:

Democratic Candidates:

President Mark Warner, VA.

Vice President Kirsten Gillibrand, N.Y.

Republican Candidates:

Senator Marco Rubio, FL.

Senator Kelly Ayotte, N.H.

Rep. Eric Cantor, VA.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy, CA.

Senator Rob Portman, OH.

Fmr. Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele, MD.

Optional Independent Candidates:


Again, I played as a test party to simulate the results. General election was Warner/Gillibrand vs. Rubio/Ayotte


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Played Scott Ms 2006 scenario

Liberals - 284 seats - 54.9%

Conservatives - 11 - 18.5%

NDP - 5 - 13.4%

Bloc - 7 - 7.3%

Green - 0 - 5.5%

Ind. - 1 - 0.6%

Harper Victory margin 21%

Martin Victory margin 68%

Layton Upset margin 20%

Duceppe victory margin 19%

Harris Upset 49%

Desjarlais victory 5%

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I played as Bush and won the 2004 election in a squeaker. Initially, I invested heavily in states like California and New York in an attempt to sever Kerry's electoral collage jugular. While I had to abandon this strategy in the last couple of weeks, it does explain my relative success in the popular vote.

The final stretch of the campaign was frantic, with many states in play. I took the south for granted, and subsequently lost a few key states there, and barely managed to hold onto Virginia. I focused my remaining resources in the rust belt and the midwest. While my success in the midwest was mixed, I managed to earn a slim victory in Pennsylvania, which brought me to 270.

I made numerous mistakes, but in the end the cheese-eating surrender monkeys were forced to endure another four years of incompetence.


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Played the 2016 Presidential Election as Governor Schweitzer


Democrats: Former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer and Former Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe

298 Electoral Votes and 49.5% of the vote

Republicans: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan

236 Electoral Votes and 40.7% of the vote

Independents: Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee and Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist

4 Electoral Votes and 9.8% of the Vote


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Played as Gingrich. Won the Iowa Caucus by less than 1% than almost took out Romney in New Hampshire. Got beat in South Carolina, Florida, Colorado, Minnesota, and Michigan. Took Maine and Arizona. On Super Tuesday, I took every state besides Texas, which Perry got. Romney soon become my only opponent and I walloped him from there on. Got Romney to endorse me and moved on to the general election. Choose Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval as my running mate. Ran strong ads on my leadership and attacked President Obama on his leadership. This, with a combination of a bad economy, lead to my huge victory.

The results were:

Republicans: Gingrich/Sandoval -446 electoral votes and 60% of the vote

Democrats: Obama/Biden -92 electoral votes and 39.1% of the vote

Libertarians: Root/Brown -0 electoral votes and 0.5% of the vote

Constitution: Baldwin/Castle -0 electoral votes and 0.4% of the vote

The closest Obama victory was in Maine:

Obama- 49.9% of the vote, 289,521 votes

Gingrich - 49.1% of the vote, 285,167 votes

Root - 0.5% of the vote, 2,991 votes

Baldwin - 0.5% of the vote, 2,906 votes

The closest Gingrich victory was in Maryland:

Gingrich- 50.1% of the vote, 1,210,191 votes

Obama- 48.9% of the vote, 1,180, 745

Root- 0.5% of the vote, 12,075 votes

Baldwin- 0.5% of the vote, 12,075 votes

Results Map:


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This is the 1936 scenario with Long turned on as the SOW candidate. I was never able to break out of the old South and Midwest region. I concentrated my efforts on the old South, trying to hold on to swing states. I managed to throw off a couple of states that would've gone to FDR and instead made them toss ups between him and Landon, and so he had to focus on those instead of me. I took the lead in the EC early on, but was behind in the popular vote. This kept FDR the target of attacks. In the last 3-4 months of the campaign however, I was forced to defend myself at every turn as I became the front runner. I signed a non-aggression pact with Landon, spending the last of my PIPs. This kept him off my back. Finally, going into election night, Alabama was the only state that was a toss up between me and FDR. I needed it to win. It was one of the last states to be called in. I gotta imagine the GOP would've been diminished to a third party after this kind of loss.


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I played Canada - 2011 as The Bloc Québecois

It started out with PM Harper in the Lead and projected to get a minority government (about 149 seats)

The Liberals as Official opposition with about 66 seats

and the bloc as third party with 46 seats (me)

and the NDP at 32

I campaigned hard and media blitzed the province and fundraised like mad eventualy i was projected to be official opposition in a harper majority about 66 (for me) and a wafer thin majority of 157 for the conservatives

so i took action (as the bloc throughout the campaign tried to convince canadians to return a minority) i used my saved up money and ran nation wide attacks on the Conservative party and their polling numbers eventually tanked below the NDP the liberals started to get close to the majority mark too so by the end of the campaign I attacked them nation wide as well. It was kinda funny to see them sink to the result of 34 seats (the number of seats they hold now

now it was a NDP minority projection (with 109 seats) with a Bloc official opposition this time with all 75 Quebec seats

because of my national campaigns of ABC and ABL the number of undecideds rose to being the highest with 31%

At the end of the night the undecideds (well most of them) went to the NDP and they won a minority government


NDP: 139 (30%)

Bloc: 75 (21%)

Con:57 (22%)

Lib:30 (17%)

Grn:6 (10%)


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I played 2004 alberta as the Alberta alliance. And these were the results

LPA 49 seats 35%

PC 15 seats 24%

AA 13 seats 21%

NDP 4 seats 14%

Grn 1 seat 4%

Socred 1 seat 2%

HAHAHAHA that would never ever happen in Alberta and the socreds 1 seat? interestig... where?

and the pc just 15 seats under klein would have been an impossiblity unless the vote between the AA and the PC was evenly split everywhere and the liberals came up the middle.

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I played premier forever (Alberta) and i played the 1986 scenario and i played as the surging ND's

here are the very unfair results :(

PC's won a razor thin majority with 43 seats and 38% of the pop. vote

the ND's became official opposition with a huge caucus (for an opposition party in Alberta)

I got 37 seats (mostly urban) and 43% of the popular vote

the Liberal Party got a single seat and their leader was elected and they got 8% of the vote

the representative party under ray speaker got 2 seats and 6% of the vote, electing walt buck and ray speaker.

The reason i think the popular vote had such a large gap was because in most of the seats i'd won as the ndp (which where in edmonton)

i got easily above 70% with the largest landslide seat being Ray Martins with 84% and the Liberals had taken traditional tory votes away in Edmonton and reduced the pc to under 10% in most parts of the city exept ofcourse the Premiers seat which he won by a small margin. and ruraly the PC's beat out my candidates with 50% to 55% in most cases.

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Played the 2004 scenario as Colin Powell. Dispatched George Bush in the primaries, while the Democrats ended up nominating Al Sharpton after I snatched the endorsements of John Edwards and Dick Gephardt. (At the time of Edwards' endorsement, he was projected to win the Democratic nomination.) From then on, the only question was whether I would be able to get a popular vote of over 80 per cent.


Was also pleased about defeating George Bush in the 1988 scenario with Patricia Schroeder.


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Played the 2001 scenario of Premier forever Alberta as the new democrats under Raj Pannu


Progressive Conservatives..... 39 seats 37% popular vote

New Democratic Party ......... 39 seats 41% popular Vote

Alberta Liberal Party......... 4 seats 16% popular vote

Alberta First................. 1 seat 1% popular vote

Just before election night i formed a coalition with the Liberals, they took me over the edge and we formed a MAJORITY government.

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I run as John Edwards. Dodd wins Iowa and Bayh wins New Hampshire. I start spending early and releasing scandals on Clinton. After a little while, Dodd, Bayh and the others drop out leaving Edwards (me), Clinton and Obama. I win most of the remaining states but Clinton has some late victories. I finish with 31.6% support versus Clinton's 31.7% and Obama's 36.7%. However, I have a narrow plurality of delegates (~1,400) with Obama finishing with 9 more delegates than Clinton.

I earlier used some PIP's to attain the endorsement of Mike Huckabee, a straggler still in the race despite Giuliani having secured the nomination. Ergo, I was unable to secure the endorsement of either remaining competitor.

I then decided to just focus on the general election campaign against Giuliani. Giuliani easily won the nomination early on despite a win in Iowa by Fred Thompson and an unlikely New Hampshire victory by Tom Tancredo. Despite this remarkable feat, Tancredo quickly fizzled out and endorsed Giuliani. Ron Paul won Michigan. Thompson continued on until Giuliani secured the nomination with Paul, McCain and Huckabee being the final challengers. McCain held on to the end despite not winning a single delegate. Giuliani picked Governor Charlie Crist of Florida as his running mate. (I can only imagine how ticked off the evangelicals at the convention would be with such a duo!)

I won the brokered convention after Clinton's delegates favoured me by a two-to-one margin. I then chose Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius as my running mate. I probably won't choose Sebelius as a running mate in the future as she seems to be lacklustre on the campaign trail.

I started with a large deficit in the electoral college against Giuliani. I built up my issue knowledge and debate skill to near maximum. I refused federal matching funds as my total plus the party funds made it worthless to do so. I spent carefully until the last month when I released a torrent of positive issue and character ads plus negative leadership ads against Giuliani. I also released a steady barrage of low-level leadership scandals against Giuliani until I released a medium-level four days before the election. It was preceded by a low-level scandal two days before so there were two scandals floating around before election day.

On Election Eve, my momentum was +11.2 versus a -1.1 for Giuliani. There were 6.5 undecided with a 1-point lead (47.5% versus Giuliani's 46.5%

Here is how the polls looked like on Election Day:


Won Montana by 343 votes

Won West Virginia by 3,051

Lost Missouri by 3,926 votes

Won South Carolina by 4,233 votes

Won Ohio with 60.2% of the vote and Michigan with 60.7% despite both being tossup states after the convention.

Won Giuliani's home state of New York with 61.8% but lost Crist's state of Florida with 49.2%

Worst states: Utah (25.7%), Texas (30.1%), North Dakota (33.9%), Wyoming (34%), Indiana (36%), Georgia (38.2%), Kansas (38.8%) and Tennessee (38.8%)

Final Results:


John Edwards (D-NC) & Kathleen Sebelius (D-KS) - 59,774,912 51% 338 Electoral Votes

Rudolph Giuliani (R-NY) & Charlie Crist (R-FL) - 57,413,671 49% 200 Electoral Votes

At the end of the game, my performance was considered "Bumbling".

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Was also pleased about defeating George Bush in the 1988 scenario with Patricia Schroeder.


How, praytell, were you able to get Pat Schroeder to win the nomination? Did you turn off any candidates or turned them all on or what?

Also, did you get the endorsements of other candidates? I would be very interested in reading the backstory of a Schroeder victory! :D

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How on earth did Sharpton win the nomination? :blink:

Played the 2004 scenario as Colin Powell. Dispatched George Bush in the primaries, while the Democrats ended up nominating Al Sharpton after I snatched the endorsements of John Edwards and Dick Gephardt. (At the time of Edwards' endorsement, he was projected to win the Democratic nomination.) From then on, the only question was whether I would be able to get a popular vote of over 80 per cent.


Was also pleased about defeating George Bush in the 1988 scenario with Patricia Schroeder.


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I ran as John C. Breckinridge in the 1860 scanario.

Being unopposed for the nomination, I began by honing my issue knowledge and debate skills as well as building up my campaign organisation.

I eventually get John Bell to drop out and endorse me. An immediate effect of this is that the states where the Constitution Union became solid or safe states for me.

After a while, I use up a lot of PIP's to get Stephen A. Douglas to accept the Vice Presidential slot despite him being the prohibitive favourite for the Democrat nomination. This leaves Senator Robert R.T. Hunter as the Democratic nominee. I also got former Sen. Daniel Dickenson to endorse me earlier for 2 PIP's. After this, the vast bulk of Democratic support goes my way with Hunter retaining only 5% support.

Governor Salmon P. Chase wins the Republican nomination at the convention. At the Chicago Wigwam, Chase, NY Gov. William Seward and former Congressman Abraham Lincoln attend as candidates for the nomination. Lincoln drops out after the first ballot with his delegates favouring Chase 2-1. As in real life, Maine Gov. Hannibal Hamlin is nominated for Vice President.

During the run up to the general election, I racked up a huge fundrasing advantage and ran both positive advertisements for myself and negative ones on Chase. I also released a torrent of low-level scandals on Chase as well followed by two medium-level scandals released five days and three dayes before the election, respectively. I also won the debates by significant margins.

Final Results:


Due to negative momentum for Chase in New Hampshire just before the election and my lower support in New England, Sam Houston, the Constitutional Union nominee, narrowly won that state tith 34.5% support vs. 30.5% for Chase, 24.4% support for Breckinridge and 10.2% for Hunter.

I edged out Chase in Maine 39.8 to 37.7% with 15% for Houston and 7.5% for Hunter, respectively. I also won Rhode Island with 36.1% of support with Chase beating Houston for 2nd place by only 54 votes (29.4% each with 5.1% for Hunter). I narrowly lost Connecticut to Chase 39 to 37.2 with 20% for Houston.

In Vermont, Chase began the general election the heavy favourite but he ended up winning with 35.4% to Beckinridge's 29.3% and Houston's 29.1%. I beat out Houston for the 2nd place slot by only by only 78 votes!

I won Missouri with 59.2% of the vote to Houston's 31.5%, Delaware with 53.4% (vs. 37.2% for Houston), Kentucky over Houston 56% to 37.5%, Georgia 62.9% to Houston's 33.9%, North Carolina with 67%, Arkansas and Louisiana with 69% with at least 70% of the popular vote in all the other slave states including 74% in Maryland!

Of all states, I got all votes in South Carolina (in real life the state legislature chose the electors and the scenario best reflects that) but my best showing in a contested state was Mississippi where I got 81.2% of the vote to Houston's 18% with the remaining 0.8% going to Hunter. In Texas (!) I won with 78.5 with 21.5% going to Houston (Chase & Hunter weren't on the ballot). In Mississippi, I won 78.3% of the vote with Houston getting 19.1% with the remaining 2.6% going to Hunter.

My worst showing was in Michigan, where I came in third place with 24.2% of the vote. Chase got 38.9% there with Houston winning 29% and the remaining 7.8% going to Hunter.

I got only 27.2% in Massachusetts in my third worst performance (after MI and NH). Chase won there with 39.8% of the vote (his best showing) with Houston 17.7% for Houston and 15.3% for Hunter (also his best showing).

I edged out Chase in Illinois 33.2-32.8, won narrowly in Indiana 39.6-34.4 and in Ohio I got 45.5% to Chase's 34.5%.

In California, I won 43.5% of the vote vs. 22.7% for Houston and 21.5% for Chase. In Oregon, I defeated Chase 59.2 to 23.2.

I won New Jersey with 45% of the vote vs. 25.1% for Houston and 21.7% for Chase. I won New York with 50.2%, 23.1% for Houston, 19.8% for Chase and 6.8% for Hunter.

New York gave me a landslide victory with 54.9%, 33.2% for Chase, 9.1% for Houston and 2.7% for Hunter.

Chase only edged out Houston for second place in the popular vote by 28,452 or half of one percent.

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Well, my screenshot didn't capture, but I played 1848 as Martin Van Buren from the primaries and had some interesting results.

Final results:

Van Buren/Chase(Free Soil): 38% 193 EV

Clay/Fillmore(Whig): 35%

Cass/Calhoun(Democrat): 27%

I won every state I was on the ballot for except Delaware. I didn't use PC to influence any endorsements but got the endorsement of Polk anyways which bolstered my campaign. I had an uphill battle till the end when I finally held a lead in the popular vote. With that, I unleashed all my ads, bankrupting my campaign two days before the election. At the same time, a huge and 2 medium sized scandals were released on me, sucking up my positive momentum. I managed to eek out a win. Safe to say the civil war would've erupted several years earlier with this result.

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Recently, I haven't had a lot of close matches. Either I win in a landslide, or lose by a large margin, so when this happened it was kind of cool.


Poor Jon Huntsman, though. Won in Iowa somehow, won New Hampshire, but then diminished in to nothingness very quickly.

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Played as O'Malley in 2016,

In the primaries I used Mewspaper adds and strategic barnstorming to win over Scweitzer.

General Election Results


74,911,241, 57.6%, 392 E.V.


55,068,463, 42,4%, 146 E.V.

The closest State was virginia (McDonnell's Home State)

O'Malley 1,506,247 (50%)

McDonnell 1,505,373 (50%)

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