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I played 1968 as Ronald Reagan. Tough sledding! I somehow emerged as the winner of the primary, and entered the general with something like 100 electoral votes to Humphreys 300+ and Wallace's ~70.

I pummeled Humphreys with ad after ad after ad, and managed to steal away the NYT, WaPo and LAT endorsements. His momentum was up and down dramatically, as he'd keep getting events that would up his Experience and Vietnam issues to +8 mo', but then I'd bat that down with negative ads.

Still, a week out, he had somewhere around 50 more ECs than I did, after swapping leads. I pulled out all the stops. Got a High scandal on him, plus a few smaller ones that I dumped in the final week, and had 6-8 ads (2 on me, the rest on him) running nationwide. His momentum plummeted to -20. This is how election day turned out:


I even almost stole the Carolinas from Wallace! Lost SC by 1197 votes (0.1%), and NC by 18,362 votes (0.9%).

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Played 1968 on Hard as Ronald Reagan. Alas! I lost the primary to Nixon, so I continued as Nixon. I spacebarred from the convention up until the last 3 weeks. I was down over 15 points, had under 100 EVs. If you want to know how bad it was, the John Birch Society endorsed Humphreys.

I got a high and medium scandal on Humphreys, and started pummeling him with negative radio ads, while running some newspaper on me. I had a Network TV ad (11 power!) on me, so I ran it twice, and started working on another one (they take forever in 1968 to make and 4 turns start-up). HH had some major (-15 to -20) negative momentum, and I was around +15.

Still, here's how it was on election night - Humphreys 41% and 345 EVs, Nixon 30% and 31 EVs, Wallace 18.5% and 100 EVs.


... and here's how it ended up:


Humphreys 41.7% (253 EVs), Nixon 40.1% (199 EVs), Wallace 18.1% (86 EVs). HOWEVER, Humphreys didn't have the magic 270, so it went to the House. And guess what? The GOP control the House [in actuality, the Democrats historically had majorities in both the House and the Senate], so Nixon won!!!

Well, I guess, because then it said "We're taking back our call... the race is too close to call..."

I'll call it a win. :D

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Yes, yes... another 1968 scenario...

This time as Reagan, on hard. Won the primary. Humphrey was killing me when I got to the general, though. At one point, I was leading in only California, Ohio and Kansas.

As in the past, I staged a late surge in the final four weeks. Got some great ads, and hammered on HH. Wallace put up a fight early in the general - he got ALL of the gubernatorial endorsements - but I got all the others (except Truman's).

Here's the stage on election day: Humphreys 38.6% (279 EV) and -22.5 momentum; Reagan 31.4& (48 EV) and +20.6 momentum; Wallace 20.4% (108 EV) and -6 momentum.


Here are the results:


Reagan: 42.7% (312 EV) [gained 11.3%]

Humphreys: 37.1% (140 EV) [lost 1.5%]

Wallace: 20.2% (86 EV) [lost 0.2%]

It has to be my biggest election-night turnaround ever.

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Won in a created (by myself) 2016 scenario (with primaries) on the hard level with Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin/Mark Warner against Condi Rice/Mark Sanford (yeah, I created it AWHILE ago).

Basically was running in the primaries against Evan Bayh (who in my game was Obama's VP), Warner, Russ Feingold, Brian Schweitzer and a couple others. Won handily with one of the largest primary sweeps I've ever had. Bayh and Warner came in in a dead heat with a slight lead to Bayh. I only had the lead in South Dakota and was running about 6 percent to open in Iowa Normally I'm able to win Iowa and Nevada and just quietly pick up states along the way until I eek out a majority. For some reason, after winning Michigan and Florida, I owned the map and never had to campaign hard again. Only Warner hung in until the Convention despite only winning a handful of states (I even won Virginia!) but I chose him as veep.

Rice beat out a field of Bobby Jindal, Palin, Sanford, and Michelle Bachmann. I came into the generals with a fairly good lead and despite losing a lot of EP points early which hindered my campaigning, was able to build on it and coast home.

Not really sure if there is some flaw in my scenario. I made some changes recently, but I don't know if it affected the ease of play or something. Normally it's very competitive, even on a medium setting.

This is the biggest win I've ever had.


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1936 as Huey Long as a Democrat

The primary fight against FDR was brutal. I was able to slowly inch my way up to the point where I was only 15 delegates or so behind him. When the final states were called, we had a dead even delegate count.


On the second ballet, one delegate switched over to me. So by 2 delegates, I won.


The general election was Democratic Country the whole time, but I wanted to try and sweep the entire map. The upper East Coast was really tough to win over, with it still undecided come election night. Thankfully, a stockpile of radio ads with an average of 5+ strength being aired 5 days before election night gave me the momentum boost need to sweep at 48 states


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Played as Congressman Dennis Kucinich in 2004. As you can see started in June with around 1% and $800,000 on medium and finished February with the nomination locked up and around $3,000,000.

I am consistently trailing Bush by about three points, which isn't bad considering the Congressman's far left stance on most issues. Sadly I don't think I will win the presidency but this is certainly my greatest achievement in the game so far.

OK, I'm pretty late to this, but how in the hell did you get within three points of Bush with any Democrat (let alone Kucinich)? That scenario is so ridiculously slanted in favor of Bush it's not even funny.

Anyways, I didn't get a screenshot so I can't prove it, but I managed to win MA and a quarter of the popular vote as Anderson in 1980. I was so close to winning several other states and finishing ahead of Carter too, but alas, it was not to be. Now to figure out some way to stop Reagan from crushing Carter and throw the election to the house.

Edit: Well, I tried again:


Sooooo close but no cigar. At least I got Reagan's home state, and I came extremely close to winning NY, FL, and several smaller states as well.

Edit 2: Finally!


Stupid Congress picked Reagan though. Anderson was the clear bipartisan choice, what with the support of both the DNC and the RNC and all.

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This one is my all time favorite

Played 2008 wonk as Feingold. I started off campaigning hard in Iowa solely on health care, running ads constantly. I managed to pull off Iowa and used the momentum to pull in NH. From there on it snowballed with me in first place, Obama, then Clinton. it looked like Clinton was going to drop and endorse Obama, which would've cost me the nomination. Instead, she just plain old dropped and even though Obama got more of her delegates than I did, I got enough to lock it in. I offered Obama the VP spot and he took it

The general started off really tough. McCain and I slugged it out the whole time, neither of our numbers moving much. I was running ads the whole time due to my phenomenal fund raising machine. I was bringing in $8 million a turn. The financial crisis provided me an opportunity and instead of running on health care, I ran solely on sub prime mortgages, both touting my stance and hammering McCain on his. It put me way up in swing states and brought states like Texas into play. Finally, near the end I got Collin Powell to endorse me, and then Chuck Hegel did too. The last week before election night, I ran a highly successful cable ad in every state about my sub prime mortgages stance and 3 days before the election I ran a highly successful radio ad in every state hammering McCain's position on them too. The momentum propelled me going into election night.

Here's the night of


And here's the end of the night


Not sure how I pulled it off so well, but I'm not complaining

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Here's a pretty phenomenal one, at least as they go for me. Ordinary 2008 campaign, as Bill Richardson. Began by campaigning in Iowa and New Hampshire, slowly driving my numbers up enough to be in the lead in both states simultaneously for a number of instances, but I ultimately lost both (The orange color you see there in Iowa is Joe Biden). Nevertheless, the momentum that came out of those two states allowed me to move on to slug it out for second in most states, though I only won a handful of states outright.


The strategy was to come in second in a three-way race and hope to pick up enough delegates from whoever dropped out last to put me at the top. Slowly, Biden, then Edwards dropped out, leaving Clinton in the lead, and Obama and me to duke it out for second place. So, I decided to ignore the states Clinton was leading in and focus on destroying Obama's support. About nine weeks left to the convention, I convinced him to drop and endorse me.


That put me in a race lagging far behind Clinton and an only uphill battle. All I could do was visit the closest states and do my best to show a good face. At the convention, that seems to have been a good bet.


Incredibly, despite Clinton being favored over me by almost 75%, I won the Democratic nomination. For Vice President, I chose Russ Feingold. Shortly after, the much less dramatic GOP convention confirmed their only remaining candidate for almost 20 weeks, Rudy Guiliani, who chose John McCain as his running mate.

Entering the General Election with Guiliani already secured as the frontrunner in every state save Massachusetts, Connecticut, and a handful of white states was tough and for almost the entire campaign it looked as though I would be going down in flames, especially right about in the middle when a power-9 scandal was unleashed against me. I fought hard to make the race competitive, but we were still campaigning hard with only one day to go. I was absolutely amazed at the end of the night. The race was finally called at about 1:30 the morning after Election day, the results I'm sure disappointing to the Republican party.


I won handily, carrying 30 states and cutting huge swaths into traditionally Republican territory, including Mississippi and Wyoming. The closest states were by only a few thousand votes. I won West Virginia by 0.4% of the vote (3,760), South Dakota by 0.8% (2,254) and Texas by 1.4% (121,523). The nearest win of the election was easily Guiliani's Oklahoma. He won that state by 0.2% of the vote (2,023), as well as Colorado by 1% (18,981) and South Carolina by 1.6% (25,447). A spectacular finish to a difficult and challenging campaign.

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The whole thing started with a brutal and nasty primary against Condoleezza Rice. She started well ahead off me, but I crawled ahead and narrowly won the primary.

On the Democratic side Brown was the clear frontrunner, but somehow his campaign implded and Garamendi pulled ahead.

The general election was frustrating. This whole scenario must have been one of the most frustrating, ever!

Just look at the final results.


Garamendi - Whitman

EV: 1278 - 1146

Popular Vote: 48,2% - 51,8%

Despite a 3.6 point difference in the popular vote, Garamendi won the election.

It was a tight race, but I managed to pull ahead at 11pm. There was only one county left for 11.30pm: Los Angeles with 700 EV.

Los Angeles had been tied over the course of the last few days, but the people there went for Garamendi, sending him to Sacramento.

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do you not hate it on British pm 2010 when in the last week both other candidates run a successful attack ad on you, giving you momentum -20 and you loose 150 odd seats which you toiled throughout the campaign to win?

happened for the 4th consecutive time now, just get f**ked in the a**e by my opponents

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