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Above is an electoral vote calculator...how do you predict the election will go? Exact electoral votes, possible swing states, etc...

Current Prediction: 310 Bush, 228 Kerry

This has PA, NM and WI swinging to Bush and NH swinging to Kerry, which could very well happen.

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maybe but alot of states have either bush or carry less than 3% ahead so it's tough to just give a canidate a state plus i very very much doubt that bush would win by that much. last polls i checked (which was a few days ago) had kerry ahead of bush in florida. also i just checked it and it says 260-278.

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lol bush has lost about 36 electorial votes over the past hour this site is bogus and it's pretty sad to put your hopes on this site.

also i doubt there will be much of a convention bump since most people have made up their minds already and by time we get to october people will have forgotten about the convention

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Its shows bad news for Kerry, and although the creator is bush-biased, he dosnt make the predictions, he averages out major polls....

California is actually a close state...





are all very close.....

My prediction for post-convetion:::

Bush 316-222

(Gains Penn, Mich)

Worst Case...Gains 1/4 states

Best case, wins all 4 states (unlikley) and makes Cali VERY close (likley)

If he wins all 4 states: 343-195 (OUCH!!)

And just to show how Cali is a MUST win for Cali....

If Bush loses Ohio, Florida AND Pennsylvania in this point of the polls but wins California from Kerry.....

Bush still wins by a small margin.....

Arnold may have made things intersting....

I predict in the end however Bush will come close in Cali (49-45)

But will win Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Mich, winning the presidency anyways

Ill post another topic explaining my crazy ideas :P

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