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Rocentia Votes 2020


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Hello everyone,

I have created a scenario called Rocentia Votes 2020. It is a fictional micronation set in the future of 2020 where a Civil War erupts in Russia between the federal government and anti-government Communists/Nationalists. I used Yukon as the model for the country, and a made a few modifications. The parties in Rocentia are National (the center-right incumbents), Progressive Socialist Party (the Socialist & Communist opposition), Liberal Democratic Party (the Liberal/Reformist opposition), and One Nation (the Nationalist & Far-Right opposition). The National Party is very similar to Vladimir Putin's United Russia Party as far as ideology, and has an advantage coming into the election- but it is not invincible. Here is some more information:


Parties & Candidates


Olga Pavlova

Marcus Milam


Erin Granger


Natalya Roberts

One Nation:

Daniel Morey









Petrograd North

Petrograd Center

Petrograd South





Church + State



Gas Prices


Industrial Policy


Law and Order



Pension Security

Schools + Universities

Siberian War

Tax and Budget


US Relations + NATO

War on Terrorism


@issue position descriptions

// left to right, 1 - 5

// Abortion

Unrestricted access to taxpayer-funded abortion.

Protect Responsible Choice. Liberalize abortion laws.

Leave Abortion up to provinces, but ban partial birth abortions.

Abortion is wrong, no change to current legal status.

Abortion is murder! Total ban on abortions!


//Church + State

Religions should be discredited by the state.

Our heritage needs to be secular. Scrap religious school funding.

We should keep a healthy relationship between church and state.

We need to keep a Christian heritage. Support religious schools.

Restore the special status of the Orthodox Christian Church.


// Corruption

Create a Ministry of Government Honesty. Arrest all Oligarchs!

Prosecute all suspects, and set up independent ethics commissioner.

Thoroughly investigate all cases of corruption.

This issue is not important and should not affect your vote.

The issue has been blown out of proportion, repeal ethics reform.



The environment comes first. Implement an eco-tax on pollution.

Increase standards, Go beyond Kyoto in reducing emissions.

Promote better environmental policies, stay with Kyoto.

Withdraw from Kyoto. The economy comes first.

The environment is fine, global warming is a hoax.


//Gas Prices

Increase the gas tax, and prohibit drilling for oil.

Subsidize alternative fuel production, provide consumer relief.

Impose price controls to lower fuel prices. Expand drilling.

Reduce energy taxes to lower gas prices. Increase drilling.

Leave the issue up to the free market.



Full Amnesty for illegal immigrants. Open Borders!

A large immigrant intake is good for us. Increase refugee %.

Emphasize skilled rather than humanitarian immigration.

Reduce our immigration + refugees intake, and refocus it.

Stop immigration now! Deport them and close borders!


//Industrial Policy

Support large-scale nationalization to take over all industries.

Extend nationalization to energy, transport, and manufacturing.

Regulate private sector to keep prices low. Compensate losers.

More competition in markets. Support privatization of industry.

Privatize all industries. National ownership is intrinsically bad.



Special rights for Russian speaking populations.

Enfore tougher bilingual standards across provinces.

Promote the English language, but allow Russian services.

English should be the only official language.

Scrap all bilingual services. Mandate English language.


//Law and Order

Abolish the death penalty, reduce sentencing. No police state!

Promote rehabilitation and scale back police powers.

Tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime.

Put more police on the street. Crack down on criminals.

Support national ID cards and secret police. Expand death penalty.



Dramatically increase funding, end all private sector interference.

Increase funding. Cut private sector involvement.

Cut costs + reduce waitlists, public-private relationship is essential.

Establish maximum acceptable wait times, and promote private delivery.

Full privatization of Medicare and health services.


// Military

Reduce military spending, end conscription immediately.

Freeze military spending, establish an all-volunteer force.

Small military spending increase. Extend conscription to civilian service.

Double the military budget. Keep conscription.

Devote the budget to the military. Raise draft to wartime levels.


//Pension Security

Guaranteed public pension for all, rises with average earnings.

Provide help to poorest more. Increase public pension funding.

Provide tax incentives for saving and retirement accounts.

Partial privatization of the public pensions.

Full privatization of the public pensions.


//Schools + Universities

Reintroduce free tertiary education.

Take money from wealthy private schools to fund public schools.

Funding priority should be given to state schools.

Equal funding for students attending private schools.

Introduce a voucher scheme for the education system.


//Siberian War

Proclaim full military support for the Siberian revolutionaries.

We should diplomatically support for the Siberian rebels.

Stay neutral in the conflict. Act as peace broker.

We should support our Russian brethren against Siberian terrorists.

Deploy troops to assist Russia against the Siberian traitors.


//Tax and Budget

Reject IMF policies. Massive social programs + accept more debt.

Oppose IMF policies. Fund social programs + raise taxes.

Balance the budget through spending cuts + tax increases.

Comply with IMF policies. Reduce spending across the board.

Go beyond IMF mandate. Drastically cut government spending.



The process of globalization should be reversed.

Renegotiate trade agreements for environment, culture, and labour.

Free and fair global trade. Compensate those who lose from change.

Reduce tariffs, open and diversify markets to promote more free trade.

All markets should be open! Push for international free trade expansion.


//US Relations + NATO

We should work with the UN to curb US power. NATO is US imperialism!

Our independence is more important than the US. Oppose NATO.

We should be friends with the US, but limit NATO involvement.

The US is our best friend and ally. Support NATO.

Stand by America no matter what. All the way with the USA!


//War on Terrorism

Terrorists are fighting the imperialist policies of the West.

Reduce military operations, focus on humanitarian solutions.

Focus on improving arms control, diplomacy, and intelligence.

We should not hesitate to use military force against terrorism.

We should nuke Mecca if the terrorists strike again.


If you want a copy, please email me.


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