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New Jersey - 2009

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Could you please send me the NEW JERSEY scenario? Thanks SO much!


Also, if you get a chance, I have a technical question on one of your scenerios that you created. You did do the Louisianna one right? If so, I think you accidentally did something that makes it very very interesting... But thanks in advance for sending the NJ scenario!

My email is: NJJeffNJ@aol.com


Scenarios Created

New England Secession

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I've just opened the NJ scenario, looked over the candidates, chose Corzine for an 'easy' first game (I'll try someone more challenging once I have more familiarity with the scenario), and I haven't even played a turn when I noticed a glaring oversight - the issues are all exactly the same as the NYC scenario! Other than that, looks good at first glance. I'll post back later with more.

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Other than jarring issues, the scenario plays smoothly, and is quite enjoyable. I'm holding top place in the Dem race, but still have to keep the upper hand more than 4 months. I notice, while most other counties shift back and forth, I cannot dislodge Menendez from solid status in Atlantic nor Codey from the same in Bergen, no matter what I do. Meanwhile, the GOP have no clear winner, and seem to be much more negative in their camapigns than the AI Dems. The Dems currently lead by a significant margin in my peaks at the GE screen. By the way, game date's April 2nd. Will have more in a bit.

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