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Closest Primary EVER!


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2000 Official 80soft Scenario. No modifications.

I played as Bradley. I skipped endorsements and started fundraising like mad. I focused ads in all states up to Super Tuesday and put foot soldiers in Iowa and New Hampshire. I won the first 4 primaries by 20 or more points (Iowa 78-22). Using that momentum I carpet bombed the Super Tuesday states with level 6 newspaper ads. I won most of Super Tuesday and picked up even more momentum! Some scandals broke (I assume from Bush or Nader) and I took the popular vote lead. Gore and I battled for the delegate lead and a week before the last set of primaries, I was down in Alabama and about 10 delegates short. Another scandal broke and I ended up winning Alabama and winning the nomination with EXACTLY the number of delegates needed. Gore lost by 2 delegates!


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Update: I went on to win the 2000 election as Bradley. I started the race 42-42-4 (Bush-Me-Nader) and began to climb in the polls right away. I ran newspaper ads each week and a couple of TV ads throughout the campaign. I picked Dick Gephardt as VP and researched 3 scandals on Bush, 1 high, 1 med, 1 low. Those mixed with some Nader scandals on Bush kept his momentum negative. I got almost all the endorsements and my momentum peaked at 13. in the last 3 weeks my campaign really broke out and I ended up winning a HUGE landslide against Bush. My cash at hand on election day was a little over $250,000. I lost all 3 debates and the VP was a tie.


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