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I did a set of elections set in 2004, 2008, and 2013 in a fictitious micronation loosely based off the Empire of the Alexandrians. This is a fun game that you all should consider joining. Essentially this country is a Caribbean nation with Franco-Spanish heritage; and it is also a Constitutional Monarchy with a Napoleonic touch. Anyways, my scenarios are slightly different since I used a modified map of Jamaica and took into account a more diverse country. But basically I borrowed elements from the IRL game.

Scenarios: Alexandria is a Constitutional Monarchy with the German HN multi-member district system. It has been traditionally ruled by the Conservatives in coalition with other parties. However, there are winds of changes blowing in the wind as Alexandria whethers a series of economic, constitutional, and foreign policy crises- as well as gets dragged into several wars. Can you become Prime Minister/First Consul of this island nation?

Alexandria Omnibus.zip


Conservative + Unionist/Conservative Party: Establishment center-right conservative party. In government (until 2008)

Liberal Alternative/Liberty + Democracy Party: Classical/Social Liberal party on the UK Liberal Democrats model. In opposition.

Socialist Workers' Party/Popular Democratic Party: Social Democratic/Democratic socialist party. In opposition (until 2008), and then in government (from 2008).

Christian Democrats: Christian Democratic and moderate conservative party. In government and opposition at various points.

Parti Radical: Anarcho-Liberal Party based off the French Radicals. In opposition.

Green Party: Ecologist/Green Left Party. In opposition.

Partido Nacionalista: Far-Right/Nationalist Party. In opposition (briefly in government in 2007-2008).

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