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1945 UK General election?


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In one of the most famous elections ever, Clement Attlee defeated Winston Churchill's Tory party by a landslide majority.

This would be a great scenario to make in my opinion.

Labour party - Clement Attlee

Conservative party - Winston Churchill

Liberal party - Archibald Sinclair

Other parties

Commen Wealth


Plaid Cymru

National Liberal

Nationalist (NI)

Commonwealth Labour

National Goverment


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It's an interesting idea. I dunno though- it would basically be a guaranteed Labour Party landslide. Plus the issue positions might be a bit rough, since there wasn't much of a difference between the Tories and the Liberals. Plus, the other parties all performed extremely poorly.

A lot would depend on how you set the scenario up. If you set the voting data as the actual 1945 data then GOP is right. If you set the voting data as an average of 1935 and 1945 you would get an interesting scenario. Without wishing to turn this into a political post, I disagree with GOP regarding the party issue positions. The Liberal position on most key issues was more similar to that of Labour than the Conservatives.

I started a 1945 scenario but left it for more interesting UK historical scenarios. If anyone would like to progress such a scenario, you are welcome to my files.

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I am thinking of doing a New Britannia election set in 1945 or 1914. Would you guys rather see 1914 or 1945? Please feel free to make party leaders and post them here.


Conservative (1914, 1945)

Labour (1914, 1945)

Liberal (1914, 1945)

Celtic (1914, 1945)

Communist (1945)

Issues (so far, 1914)


Church and State


Foreign Policy

Irish Question

Lords Reform


Social Security

Tax and Budget


Workers' Rights

Issues (so far, 1945)



Economic Recovery



Housing Shortage

Micro World War II




Soviet Relations

Tax and Budget

Trade Unions

Welfare State

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I'd prefer 1945. Are the issues based on 1945 reality or fiction? Other issues could be:




Housing Shortage

Indo-Chinese War



Tax and Budget

Trade Unions

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