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Alternate History: Carter's Successor

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My forth in the series of alternate history scenarios, this one is "Carter's Successor."

In 1980, President Carter was re-elected after the American hostages from Iran where released in late october of the campaign, overshadowing the economic recession. However, the economy has worsened in the last four years. Could this be the Republicans year to take back the White House, or will Vice President Mondale win his own chance at the Presidency?

You can download it here. http://rapidshare.com/files/132881149/Unit...cessor.zip.html

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I know Reagans old but he should be there.

I'm fairly sure that he wasn't expected to make another run if he lost in 1980, which would be the case in this scenario.

If Reagan's included at a later time, he should be off by default.

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I like your scenes, as said before.

The only thing you gotta do is edit the electoral number changes, their was a slight shift to the west & South in 84.

I went into CF and did this very easily.


I did this, and it worked fine in the regular game. But when I copied the scene over to the beta, the numbers did not change like I had changed them...

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