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    • Ocia Votes 2008
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    • Stormark General Election 2008

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New scenarios I'm working on:

Ecotopia Municipal Election 2006: Set in the United States' West Region, Ecotopia is a diverse city with influences from the West Coast and the Southwest. Though historically a Democratic City, the arrival of a new Progressive Party threatens to shake things up. Who will win? Parties are Democratic, Republican, Progressive, and Libertarian. For Prime Minister Forever Canada.

French Presidential Election 2007: Original President Forever and President Forever + Primaries version.

Ocia Votes 2008: Set in a fictional micronation with a fragmented, multiethnic society and with connections to my previous Alexandria scenario. In this election, Ocian voters must choose who will led them through troubled times and whether or not to accept a partnership with an old enemy. Parties are Federalists (conservative), Liberal Democracy (liberals), Green Party (greens) and Conservative Party (populist). Prime Minister Forever UK.

Stormark General Election 2008: Set in a fictional micronation with a strong Viking and Scandanavian cultures with connections to Alexandria. In this election, an aging empire must choose its future course: between national greatness or in pursuit of social equity and a justice society? Parties are Folkpartiet, Social Democrats, Venstre, Green Party, Fremskrittspartiet, Center Party. For Chancellor Forever.

More to be forthcoming.

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Slavic 40%

Asian 30%

Anglo-Irish 20%

German 10%


Federalist Party - Schuyler Hatcher

Liberal Democracy - Alexandra Dailey, Michael Derwin

Green Party - Katarina Rostov, Matt Kovac

Conservative Party - Kakali Anakelikonu



November City


North Point




New Hawaii


@issue position descriptions

// left to right, 1 - 5


Unrestricted access to taxpayer-funded abortions.

Legalize abortion but keep it safe and rare.

Ban partial-birth abortions, but let the regions decide.

Ban abortion except for rape, incest and the mother’s life.

Abortion is murder! Total ban on abortion!



No less than annexation of Anglien will suffice. Prepare for war.

Remain wary of Alexandrian intentions. Keep Anglien claims.

Propose joint control of Anglien, but work toward reconciliation.

We must look beyond the past. Pursue trade and partnership

Alexandria is our neighbour and friend. Forge a special relationship.


// Drug Policy

Legalise and regulate cannabis. Consider doing same with other drugs.

Methadone treatment for addicts; legalise medicinal cannabis.

Promote rehabilitation for drug addicts to reduce demand.

Tougher penalties for dealers, less tolerance of "soft drugs".

Crack-down on all possession offences with harsh sentencing.



Ocia must help stop global warming no matter the cost!

Global warming is a threat to Ocia's existence.

Fight global warming, but balanced with economic growth.

Economic growth is more important than global warming.

Climate change is a hoax. There is no threat to the environment.



Lower fishing quotas to protect the environment.

Support stringent quotas to promote sustainable use.

Keep fisheries policy as is. Compensate fishing industry.

Quotas hurt our fishing industry. Relax them.

Abolish fishing quotas. Subsidize fish farming.



Ban logging of all forests. Trees come first!

Phase out logging. Protect our old-growth forests first.

Balance environmental and logging needs.

Protect logging rights, but replant trees for sustainability.

Allow clear-cutting of forests. Subsidize logging businesses.


//Gay Rights

Equality demands legalization of same-sex marriage.

Support civil unions for same-sex couples.

Protect homosexuals from discrimination.

We should define marriage as between a man and a woman.

Bring back anti-sodomy laws.



Support the Grandican Communists. Death to the capitalist pigs!

We should stay neutral in Grandica Crisis and act as a peace broker.

Quarantine Communist Grandica, economically and diplomatically.

Actively support those trying to overthrow the Communist regime.

We must invade Grandica and bomb the Reds to hell!


//Gun Control

Ban all guns including hunting rifles.

Strengthen the gun registry. Ban handguns.

Cap costs on the gun registry. Keep gun control as is.

Scrap the gun registry. Support firearm owners' rights.

Abolish restrictions on assault weapons. No gun control!


The GST should be completely repealed.

Keep the GST but lower it to 5 percent.

Keep the GST but exempt essential services.

GST should apply to all goods and services.

The GST rate should be raised to 10%.


//Health Service

Reduce private sector involvement. Massive funding increase.

Increase funding for the health service. Scrap means-testing.

Health care benefits should be means-tested, but generous.

Promote more private delivery of health care costs and coverage.

Support full privatization of health care services.


//Industrial Relations

Abolish WorkChoices + establish additional protections for unions.

Repeal WorkChoices completely. Bring back old contracts.

Reform WorkChoices to strike a balance between labor + management.

Unions had too much power under the old system; keep WorkChoices.

Expand WorkChoices to curb the power of unions further.


//Jobs + Unemployment

Promote a socialist economy to provide jobs and eliminate unemployment.

Establish a public jobs program and invest in new industry.

Reduce taxes for small business and encourage new industries.

Reduce business taxation and deregulate industry to create jobs.

Leave job creation up to the private sector.



Abolish the military. Create a Ministry of Peace!

Reduce military spending, oppose any conscription.

Keep military spending as is. Promote national service.

Increase military budget. Bring back conscription.

Double the military budget, massive defense buildup!


//National Identity

We must atone for our imperialist, racist past!

We should embrace a multicultural heritage.

We must move forward as a 'melting pot' nation.

We must preserve our historic Western culture.

We should celebrate our traditional imperial roots.


//Schools + Universities

Introduce free tertiary education. Massive funding increase.

Increase funding for public education, reduce university fees.

Increase education funding, consider school reforms.

Promote school vouchers as an alternative to public schools.

Mass privatisation of Education. Reduce education funding.


//Tax Reform

Implement a windfall profits tax along with an energy tax.

Raise taxation on the wealthy and corporations.

Close loopholes, moves towards more progressive rates.

Keep the flat income tax. Reduce it if possible.

Abolish the income tax along with the estate tax.



Raise car + gas taxes to pay for comprehensive programme.

Focus on national monorail + mass transit systems.

Increase bus subsidies and provide free passes for elderly.

Scrap car tax. More funding for road building and maintenance.

Abolish the gas tax. Promote automobile use instead of mass transit.

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White 55%

Hispanic 25%

Black 10%

Asian 10%


Progressive Party - Kathryn Spencer, Lauren Hughes-Harrison

Democratic Party - James Stewart, Art Mond

Republican Party - Peter Vandenberg, Thad Anders

Libertarian Party - Andrew Seong




San Pedro

Rio Rancho


Angel Islands

Paradise Village

Koana Island




Gay Rights





Affirmative Action

Economic Development

Property Taxes

Pesonal Taxes


Law and Order


K-12 Education

Government Reform




//Law and Order

Bring criminals together with victims and reduce sentencing.

Focus on rehabilitation for criminals and ban all guns.

Put more police on the street and ban handguns.

Establish armed police units, and tougher sentencing.

Restoring the death penalty and ID cards shall end the crime wave.


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Norse 30%

Danish 30%

Swedish 30%

Celtic 10%


80% Lutheran

10% Neo-Pagan

5% Catholic

5% Other Christian


Population: 60 million

Capital: Haraldsborg

Motto: Fra Havet Haeder (From the Sea Glory)

Seats: 200 (400 total)

Government: Constitutional Monarchy

Parliament: Althing

Head of State: Sovereign Viking Emperor

Head of Government: Imperial Chancellor



Social Democrats


The Greens


Center Party


Haraldsborg (15 seats)

Roskilde (18 seats)

Vestfold (25 seats)

Uppland (17 seats)

Holsteinborg (20 seats)

Nidaros (14 seats)

Treisenburg (10 seats)

Vinland (11 seats)

Gottenborg (9 seats)

Norrland (8 seats)

Kristiansland (10 seats)

Finnmark (8 seats)

Jorvik (9 seats)

Sodermanland (8 seats)

Rangarvalla (12 seats)

Emeraldia (6 seats)



Climate Change


Energy Independence

Equal Rights

Hamland Crisis

Healthcare Reform

Imperial Defense

Industrial Policy

Internal Security

Jobs & Economy



Pension Security



Trade Policy


@issue position descriptions

// left to right, 1 - 5

// Abortion

Unrestricted access to taxpayer-funded abortion.

Protect Responsible Choice. Liberalize abortion laws.

Leave Abortion up to provinces, but ban partial birth abortions.

Abortion is wrong, no change to current legal status.

Abortion is murder! Total ban on abortions!


//Climate Change

The environment comes first. Implement an eco-tax on pollution.

Increase standards, Go beyond Kyoto in reducing emissions.

Promote better environmental policies, stay with Kyoto.

Withdraw from Kyoto. The economy comes first.

The environment is fine, global warming is a hoax.



Large investment in education. Nationalize all private schools and colleges.

More funding for all schools, more facilities, cut class sizes. Eliminate university fees.

More funding for the poorest schools. Reduce university fees.

Provide school vouchers. Make university fees tax-deductible.

Full privatization of education. Encourage parent-student savings.


//Energy Independence

Impose a windfall profits tax on oil companies to fund massive alternative energy projects.

Invest in alternative energy and end oil company subsidies. Reduce oil use.

Stay with renewable and non-renewable energy mix. Reduce energy dependence.

Coal and oil are our main concerns right now. End dependence on foreign oil

More tax breaks for oil companies and open up protected wildlife refuges for exploration.


//Equal Rights

Equality demands legalization of same-sex marriage.

Provide civil unions for same-sex couples.

Protect gays and lesbians from discrimination.

Marriage is between a man and a woman.

Gay adoption should be outlawed, too.


//Hamland Crisis

Support the Hamland Communists. Death to the capitalist pigs!

We should stay neutral in the crisis and act as a peace broker.

Quarantine Communist Hamland, economically and diplomatically.

Actively support anti-Communist forces within Hamland.

We must invade Hamland and bomb the Reds to hell!


//Healthcare Reform

Dramatically increase funding, full nationalization of health care.

Increase funding. Reduce private sector involvement.

Work to cut costs. Public-private relationship is essential.

Increase private responsibility for health care costs, coverage, and competition.

Full privatization of health care services.


//Imperial Defense

No more imperialism! Bring our troops home. Make pacifism our foreign policy.

Reduce imperial commitments. Use diplomacy rather than military force.

Protect current imperial defenses. Establish stronger ties with allies like Alexandria.

Increase imperial commitments. Do not hesitate to use military against enemies.

We must become a global imperial superpower! Brute force is the only answer!


//Industrial Policy

Support large-scale nationalization to take over all industries.

Extend nationalization to energy, transport, and manufacturing.

Regulate private sector to keep prices low. Compensate losers.

More competition in markets. Support privatization of industry.

Privatize all industries. National ownership is intrinsically bad.


// Internal Security

Civil liberties must trump security concerns. No police state!

Current security measures are sufficient. More measures only under strict limits.

Growing threats must be met by more investigations and police powers.

Suspicious foreigners must be observed, profiled, and detained if need be. Civil liberties may be limited.

Civil liberties must be massively scaled back to answer security threats.


//Jobs & Economy

War on Poverty! Massive public works programs. We need a Socialist economy.

Support public jobs program, public investment in industry, and provide a living wage.

Invest more in new industry + job training. Increase minimum wage.

Strengthen the free market. Reduce taxes, subsidies, and bureaucracy.

Laissez-faire all the way! Massive tax cuts and repeal minimum wage!


// Military

Reduce military spending, end conscription immediately.

Freeze military spending, establish an all-volunteer force.

Small military spending increase. Extend conscription to civilian service.

Double the military budget. Keep conscription.

Devote the budget to the military. Raise draft to wartime levels.


// Monarchy

Abolish the Monarchy. Move to a full Republic.

The Monarchy is outdated; reduce Royal powers.

Keep the status quo.

Increase the powers of the Royals.

Make Parliament an advisory body.


//Pension Security

Guaranteed public pension for all, rises with average earnings. No to private investment.

Provide more help for poorest. Increase public pension funding and basic provision.

Pension benefits should be means-tested, but generous. Tax incentives for saving.

Reduce provisions. Support partial privatization of the public pensions.

End public subsidy. Support full privatization of the public pensions.



Religions should be discredited by the state.

Our heritage needs to be secular. Scrap religious school funding.

We should keep a healthy relationship between church and state.

We need to keep a Christian heritage. Support religious schools.

Restore the special status of the Lutheran Church.



Increase taxes for the top 10%, establish a windfall profits tax.

Increase taxes for the top 5% and large corporations.

Reduce taxes for lower and middle income and for small business.

Reduce taxes across the board for everyone, especially business.

Implement a flat income tax and abolish business taxation.


//Trade Policy

Fully open markets to achieve global free trade. Abolish all tariffs.

Free trade is good for the economy. Reduce tariffs across the board.

Keep tariffs as is but support a free trade pact with Alexandria.

Support protectionist policies. Increase tariffs to protect industry.

Pursue full autarky and self-sufficiency through massive tariff walls.



Mandate closed shop agreements for every worker. Limit manager pay.

Unions are good for our economy. Protect and strengthen union rights.

Try to legislate a balance between unions and management.

Unions have far too much power. Relax dismissal protections.

Unions should be outlawed. Severely curtail the right to strike.


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