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United States-1976, Historical Fiction 2

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I've finished creating the second in my historical fiction scenario series. This time it's for the reelection of "President Nelson Rockefeller."

"After the assassination of Gerald Ford in 1975, Vice President Rockefeller assumed the presidency. That coupled with the resignation of Nixon in 1974, has left the country in despair, and they are turning to President Rockefeller to heal America. However, many conservatives are upset at Rockefeller's liberal policies, and they have drafted Gov. Ronald Reagan to run in a primary campaign. And can the Democrats take back control of office?"

You can download it here. http://rapidshare.com/files/131468135/Unit...ection.zip.html

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The version that I have preserved a typo in the 1976 scenario.

Wallace's last name is missing the second "a," so it appears as "Wallce."

Also, we have the usual goofiness of governors who are actively campaigning endorsing someone else.

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