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I've finished creating a scenario in what will be a series. My first one is for the reelection of "President McGovern."

As a result of the Watergate scandal of 1972, the Vietnam war dragging on, high inflation and low employment, Richard Nixon lost his bid for reelection. The 3 and a half year record of President McGovern included a quick withdrawal from Vietnam, but trouble on the domestic front. Will McGovern serve four more years, or are American's ready for a change with a Republican President?

You can download it here. http://rapidshare.com/files/131345859/Unit...ection.zip.html

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Somethins wierd about this. My first SB through the starting map wsa 522 for the gop 3 for the demos. By the time the conventions rolled around it was democratic edge (not too suprising since Mgovern had all the time to campaign) but right after the GOP convention every single state flipped blue. Whats sup with hat.

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Same happened to me.

I like the scene though! :D

A little suggestion, - McGovern seems to be pretty left wing. So perhaps add Carter as an opponet that is off be default. This would even it out. Although McGovern would still be far ahead.

I did this myself, and added " Anyone But McGovern " as an endorser. a satircal play on the " Anyone But Carter " campaign in 76. =P

" The Centrist wing of the Democratic party, fearful about McGoverns appeal to the mainstream, is determined to stop the nomination of President McGovern "

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If Nixon beat Kennedy, liberals might just have gotten their American Consensus. The Civil Rights issue would have stalled - Nixon was not about to go crusading for it. Riots would have undoubtedly broken out, most likely with even greater effects than the ones under Johnson. Instead of liberals being to blame for the riots, it would be President Nixon's fault. The same thing that happened to Johnson would have happened to Nixon - Goldwater knocks him out of the race, just like McCarthy did to LBJ. A resurgent Kennedy would come out in favor of civil rights, and say that the only way to quell the riots is for full civil rights. The race would be close, with Goldwater and Kennedy both offering radically different ideas.

I think I just came up with an alternate history scenario I might want to attempt. After we do the actual 1964 election. :)

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