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I think we should get another game going today.

How does 5:45 Pacific Time seem to everyone?

I for some reason can not host. Anyone want to volunteer?

Also, what scene?

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I'm up for it. But thats a while away. I'm itching to play now. I just tested a scenario I made where all the primaries are on one day. It makes endorsments very important and with human players may make it fun trying to weasel endorsments from people. Just a thought for a scenario. We should really get a serperate section for mp games.

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That seems fun. But it would make the game boring for a lot longer time, cause you have to wait a long time for results.

I'd like to do a 1980 US one, - I call Kennedy, as I have a plan for him. :P

Shall we hear everyone elses opinon?

Although I'm willing to play a quick game with you, if you can host, while we wait for others.

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I moved up the starting date to Jan 1. so its 4 months of hard campaining and another 3 or 4 of backroom deals and negotiations. We might as well wait until we get more people. I may go to a local baseball game to pass the time. C'mon admin give us our own forum!

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I'll host one in 30-45 minutes. I'd like to try my 1 primary scenario. When you turn Hillary and Guliani off and turn the default off candiates on its a literal tie and will be exciting with the human element.

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I am not sure if we will have any other games tonight, but if there are, just post here.

Also, if anyone can host, I will do a general election one with someone? If we do not have enough players for a full game.

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I have made a new multi game which will start at 12:30 Central

1992 I call Mario Cumo

Other Players:

Dems: Clinton, Gephardt

GOP: Bush

Ind: Perot

5 players

its freezing whenever i try to get in. are u sure ur connection can support it?

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