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Scenerios Creation Problem:

Jungle Primaries are when multiple candidates from the same party run for election straight through to the general election. You may have 3 republicans and 4 democrats. It makes for an interesting scenerio in President Forever. What if Hillary never dropped out, the convension was a deadloack and she continued straight through to the general. It would cripple the votes for Obama, etc.

Now in all of the created scenerios, if you set the party convention for a year OTHER then the one you are playing, no one get's nominated. You are often left with multiple candidates from the SAME party running against one another in the general election. HOWEVER, you get an error/bug message in all of them during the month of October. This happens in all Scenerios EXCEPT the Louisianna Scenario created by ZION.

My question, is why does it work in the LA Scenario everytime - but not in the others. How is it configured differently. I don't have that many candidates advancing to the general - maybe 5 at most between both parties. It really does make for a fun game - especially in lopsided ones such as Mayor NYC. What if 2 Democrats advance in that one to the general, with only on Republican running. It evens things out - that is, until you get to October and it crashes....

Jeff Brunner


Scenarios Created: New England Secession 2012

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