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First Alberta Gubernatorial Election - 2010

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Okay, the first two ideas for projects after the '96 presidential election got little or no response. Third time's a charm. As an Albertan myself, I do have a significant insight on Alberta politics, at least in the contemporary day.

The idea:

This scenario assumes the Canada-US Union scenario currently (last I checked) under construction, or some variant thereof, has come to pass. In my idea, the newly accepted State of Alberta must elect a governor. It's pre-Union constitution has been anulled in favour of one modelled on US states, and it's pre-Union gov't has been dissolved to make way for new elections. The candidates are as follows:

Progressive Conservative-Republicans

-Ed Stelmach

-Lyle Oberg

-Mark Norris

-Ted Morton

-Dave Hancock

-Jim Dinning

-Victor Doerkson

-Gary McPherson

-Gary Marr

-Ray Mazankowski

-Iris Evans

-Ralph Klein (turned off by default)


-Kevin Taft

-Hugh MacDonald

-Laurie Blakeman

-Harry Chase

-Bridget Pastoor

-David Swan

New Democrats

-Brian Mason

-Raj Pannu

-Ray Martin


-George Read

Wildrose Alliance

-Paul Hinman

-Randy Thorsteinson

-Rob James

-Eleanor Maroes

-Len Skowronski

Separation Party of Alberta

-Bruce Hutton


-Normie Chung (turned off by default)

Issues include mineral/energy resources royalties, municipal funding, highways upgrading, judicial organization, criminal code revision (now that Alberta, and not Ottawa, decides criminal law), guest-worker policies, oilfield security, same-sex marriage, and religious schools.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, even criticism, please post (and PLEASE, someone post this time).

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I'm assuming a US state-style (thus right-wing) constitution pushed (even rushed) into effect by the PC's, but yes, I colud see the Liberals and NDP's pushing to go back to the parliamentary system. Also, a rushed constitution makes this game work for this scenario.

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I figure I need a map of Alberta divided into it's 30 counties, 14 'small' cities, 21 municipal districts, 5 something-or-other regions, and 3 special areas, with two insets, one with Edmonton divided into Downtown, Northside, Southside, Millwoods, and West End, and one with Calgary divided into Downtown, Northwest, Northeast, Sothwest, and Southeast. Anyone know where (or if) I could find such a map, or anyone willing to cook one up for me?

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