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First Republic of Quebec Presidential Election 2012

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Okay, a Russian presidential election may not be that hot of an idea, given credible claims of unfair electoral practices. It may not be Mugabe-level, but it certainly likely wouldn't do justice to this engine.

Here's my next idea.

After a long-wrangled and short-lived political alliance, both the BQ/PQ and ADQ manage to force a third separatist referendum in 2010, this time winning by 57%. After a prolonged two-year political drama, Quebec becomes independent with an American-style constitution. No sooner has the ink dried than the left-wing BQ/PQ and the right-wing ADQ are at each other's throats on the camapign trail for control of the new nation. Charest's PLQ camapigns for rejoining Canada, while the UFP tries just to exist.

Beginning ideas of candidates are:


-Bernard Landry

-Gilles Duceppe

-Lucien Bouchard

-Francois Legault

-Pauline Marois

-Joseph Facal

-Simon Vallee

-Michel Gauthier

-Francine LaLonde


-Mario Dumont (I need more candidates here. He's the only one ever mentioned)


-Jean Charest

-Yves Seguin


-Jean Chretien

-Paul Martin

-Brian Mulroney

-Pierre Petigrew


-Pierre Dostie

-Amir Khadir

Issues will focus on matters of setting up a distinct nation, as well as a Reunification issue the PLQ will be pushing.

Any thoughts on this?

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Great scenario idea, but I consider myself a federalist (however, I think this we will VERY UNKLIKELY TO HAPPENS):

First of all, the PQ is very impopular, so the standings will be:






The UFP doesn't exist anymore, it's now Québec Solidaire (QS):

Françoise David and Amir Khadir are the two main figures in this party.

Maybe add for the ADQ:

Jean Garon (former péquiste minister)

Lucien Bouchard (he's more conservative than social-democrat and has ties with Dumont)

André Caillé (former head of Hydro-Québec)

Sébastien Proulx (Number 2 of the ADQ in parliament right now and Dumont right hand guy)

Joseph Facal can be considered as a center/center-right figure.

For the PLQ, I think that Séguin is out of politics and Chrétien, Martin and Mulroney are just too old.

So add for the PLQ,

Philippe Couillard

Monique Jérôme-Forget

Put the PLQ strong in:

Western Montréal VERY

Outaouais VERY

Eastern Townships

Northern Québec (in Native areas)

Put the ADQ strong in:

Québec City VERY

Chaudière-Appalaches VERY

Central Québec


Montréal North and South Shore

Put the PQ strong in:

Eastern Montréal


Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean VERY



Laurentides and Mauricie will be bellwater areas between the three parties.

QS will be strongest in Eastern Montréal.

The issues=


Rights for the English Minority

Rights for the Natives

Relations with Canada



Relation with the USA

The Health System (Public vs. Private)

The Education System (Public vs. Private)

Public Transport

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Thanks for the help, you two! And I thought this scenario would languish forever unreplied to. I will certainly take your advice on leaders and party strengths, Matvail, seeing as you're apparently a Quebecois, and I'm not. As for your map OldPC, I'd love to see it; I'll PM you as soon as I'm done typing this post. BTW, is there a joke I'm missing about Simon Vallee? <_<

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BTW, is there a joke I'm missing about Simon Vallee? <_<

He used to post often on this board when we had the open political discussion. Him, me, a guy named Mantis, and a few others used to basically rapid-fire flame each other lovingly. We all had a good time.

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