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I think it would be a good idea to drop Veritas, given that there are numerous stronger parties (Kilroy is no longer their leader in any case). The scenario appears to be set in 2009 not 2010 (sorry to nitpick). There are a number of MP's included who are going to be retiring at the next election. Here is a list of retiring MP's which you mind find useful if you want to change the incumbents name to "Unknown":


Thank you for uploading the scenario :). I'm sorry if it feels like I'm picking at it.

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Yeah, it's not quite complete as you may have guessed! I've updated the Labour MPs. I will update the Lib Dem MPs later but I'm in Finland at the moment. The Tory MPs don't appear to be finalised by constituency.

I will drop Veritas once testing is done. It's useful as a party to play through that can't affect anything, but Alliance would be fine for that too. The 2009 thing is fixed and will be up next time it is updated! Thanks for the link, I didn't have one before and I was relying on party websites. I have also adjusted the percentages to hinder the SNP and Lib Dems and help Labour. This will all be up next week.

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