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Forgoten Moderate's Summer Scenarios

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Hey folks. I'm planning on making a good number of scenarios this summer, and per course they will focus on what-ifs, mostly involving 2004 and 2000. Heres a list of what I'm planning on doing. Any sugestions would be awesome too!


Gore in '04: Gore wins Florida in 2000 and goes on to challenge a GOP that is at a crossroads (COMPLETED link on Gore in '04 thread) Dem leaning

Post-Gore '08: Gore wins in 2004, but can the Dems continue to dominate the map? This election features most of the 2008 crowd, but polling is different. Important back story located in Gore in '08 thread. Dem leaning.

McCain in '08: McCain beats Gore in 2004 by winning Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan, despite losing Tennessee and West Virginia. Can he beat Hillary and co. in '08? GOP leaning

Thompson in '08: Thompson wins Ohio and the presidency. But with little successes to speak of, can he beat a powerful Dem party? Tossup


Kerry in '08: Kerry wins Ohio, but besides a withdrawl from Iraq things are pretty much the same as the are in real life. With a possible challenge from his own party, can Kerry stay afloat? GOP favored.

Post-Kerry '12: After coming from behind to win one of the bigger upsets in electoral history, can his party win another one? Tossup.

GOP Wins in '08: This scenario will feature multiple GOP candidates, but the basic idea is that they will not run against each other with some backstory for each one with the theory that he/she won the White House. More info coming later. GOP leaning


Economy Crashes in December: In this scenario the current economic downturns occur earlier in the year, thus propelling Edwards into a close second in the primaries. Also, Huckabee gains more on the GOP side. DEM leaning

McCain 2004: In this scenario McCain beat Bush in the primaries in 2000 and went on to beat Gore by a good margin. Now the question is wheather or not he can hold off an angry Democratic Party. Tossup.

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