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I'm not doing this BTW.

We've got a few nation merger scenarion going around the forum. Why not go over the top and go world wide. Use the leaders from the major nations and split them into three parties Liberal Conservative and Centrist. Maybe add some major politicians other than the world leaders. There could be 4 US regions one for canada one for Mexico and Central America. 1 or two for brazil one for the rest of SA. Two for Europe One for the middle ease two or three for China two or three for india two for Russia another for the rest of asia, two for africa and one for oceania. Anyone interested. The map may be complicated. Since we are to asume the world somehow unified into one nation foriegn policy is irrevelant so domestic issues will dominate.

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These scenarios are rarely realistic. The map is the hard part. Canditates would be fairly easy.

BTW, this will help you quite a lot!


But, it's great just just for fun!

Maybe have four parties:


George W. Bush

Stephen Harper

John Howard

David Cameron

Nicolas Sarkozy

Angela Merkel

Silvio Berlusconi

Vladimir Putin


Barack Obama

Hilary Clinton

Al Gore

Tony Blair

Gordon Brown


Ségolène Royal

José Luis Zapatero

Luiz Da Silva

Hugo Chavez

Fidel Castro

Raul Castro

Rafael Correa

Michelle Bachelet

Evo Morales

Hu Jintao


Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Hassan Nasrallah

Muqtada al-Sadr

For the regions:

USA East

USA Center

USA West




Gran Colombia (Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador)

Andes (Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay)

Austral (Chile, Argentina, Uruguay)





Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg)

Eastern Europe

Western Russia

Eastern Russia (Siberia)

Northern Africa

Southern Africa

Middle East

Central Asia (Iran, Pakistan, and the other -stan countries)




Southeast Asia


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I think that this scenario would be a great idea. I had thought about doing the same thing myself, actually, although I'm currently busy doing my President of the UK scenario. I'd love to see someone do this scenario, though.

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