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Qpawn UK- 2017

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I'm just telling you all that I am making a weird scenario on the side. It is based on the 2017 Qpawn UK Election (http://z15.invisionfree.com/qpawnuk) game. Visit the link to find out about the canidates and some of the issues like Scotland.

Canidates, Parties, and Summaries

Conservatives- 45%Summary

Being in opostion while controling the most seats was the situation facing Conservatives after Prime Minister Taylor Pink resigned in winter of 2015. The Conservatives played there cards well and succesfully disrupted all of Labours attempts to get anything done. They pointed out to the public that Labour was achieving nothing and since then, using there "Wake Up" and "Tic, Toc" campaigns the Conservatives have shot up in the polls. The only thorn in their side is the resignation of the former prime minister Taylor Pink and his formation of the Freedom Party.


  • Victoria Angel- 62%- The extremly popular party leader elected after "Pinkys" resignation. Victoria Angel is the obvious front runner will her fame and her affair with LIbertarian leader Felix Lumley hurt her.
  • Noris McClenan- 18%- A little known MP from the West Midlands can Noris McClenan shock the world and upset Victoria Angel.
  • Eric Holcomb- 13%- A young and upcoming MP from Wales can Eric Holcomb, who has never presented a bill before parliment, gain the name recogintion to win the election.
  • Charles Worthington- 7%- Once a well rocognized MP, Worthington seemed to disappear of the political map. Can he make a stunning comback and win the honor of being Prime Minister.



After Taylor Pinks readignation from the postion of Prime Minister, Labours Chensey Lewis took his place. They failed, though, to do an effective job as goverment and it soon seemed to the public as though Chensey Lewis was the only man in the party.


  • Chensey Lewis- Defending Prime Minister Chensey Lewis is looking to



The peak of Libertarianism in the UK had peaked and passed. In 2015 they had recieved 24.65% of the vote, now they have fallen to around 16% in the polls. Can the Libertarians bounce back and achieve glory?


  • Felix Lumley- 59%- A popular vetran of the party and current party leader. Felix Lumley led the Libertarians to there peak and has been a well liked leader since.
  • James Chichester-Clark- 42%- The parties deputy leader and former leader of the 2nd edition of the now folded Liberal Democrats. Can James Chichester-Clark steal the Libertarian nomination from Felix?
  • Meredith Ashland- A relitivley new MP and the parties rising star can Ashland win the nominatinon and become Prime Minister.

Freedom- 5%


A still very young party. Can Freedom rise from the shadow of the Conservatives and gain the postion of Prime Minister?


  • Anna Dogg- 67%- Current Freedom leader will Dogg be the next Prime Minister?
  • Taylor Pink- 33%- Former Prime Minister will Taylor Pink rise to the same postion again.

Scotish National Party- 2%


With the Scotland wanting Home Rule will the SNPs popularity grow?


Boyd Mackay

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