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I am new to this forum, but have been playing President forever for a few months. I recently tried my hand at creating a scenario and wasn't very successful but I do have an idea for what I think would make an enjoyable scenario if anyone is interested in creating it.

The idea is a "Holy War" scenario in which there are four major parties, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism and a possible anti religion coalition type party.

The parties could be subdivided as follows or something similar:

Christian: Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox

Islam: Sunni, Shia

Judaism: Orthodox, Conservative, Reform etc

Anti religion: Agnostic, Atheistic

Perhaps an eastern relgion party would be a good idea also

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By anti religion all I meant was that they were not religious perhaps areligious would have been better terminology. Also eastern was used as a blanket term for eastern asian and indian religions Taoism , Buddhism, and Hinduisn for example.

I was thinking that this should be a worldwide election

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The overall execution of this scenario is not so important to me ( for instance including or not including a Deist party) as the experience of playing would be. I believe it could be a great scenario if a qualified scenario creator made it. As for mixing religion and politics... I believe the current political landscape doesn't allow you to choose not to mix them they have become tied permanently I believe.

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