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There is the link folks!

Remember, this is just the initial version, and occasionally weird things happen percentage wise. But anyway, here it is!

Here are just a few house rules that i have added for realisms sake:

You can only run Lieberman in one of the parties.

If you run him against Gore in anyway, and you are playing as Gore, you cannot chose Lieberman as VEEP

Also, if you have any comments or suggestions please comment on this forum. Also, I have decided to create a post-Gore '08 scenario and you can check out that thread too.

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Sure is gonna be fun beating Lieberman as a Democrat and Lieberman as an independent as Lieberman as a republican. ;)

Seriously though the demos are way too strong. Leading in TEXAS and GEORGIA

i cant even play it its democratic there is no way a rep could lose that bad. (texas should go rep)

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