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US 2008 Hillaries Revenge

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This is a scenarion I made last week. It has Hillary running as an independent. Theres another one floating out there that was made around the same time but there are differences. I suggest you enjoy both my version and the other one.

Heres the link:


Note: It will be VERY hard to win as the demos or as Hillary because of Hill and Obama splitting the vote. Hillary can pick up democratic swing states she won by a big margin and often times gets more EVs than Barack since barack won mostly red states.

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Hey, who wins congress. I'd asume it would be McCain becuase Dems would split. This would be insane if it actually happened and then went to congress because you would (essentialy) see the democrats divide into two factions and you could possibly see Clinton supporters form their own party. That would make for a cool 2012 scenario, Dems v. Progressive (or something like that) v. Republicans.

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