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Re-ordering region list

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I've been working on two scenarios in Campaigns Forever, but I've come across the same problem in each.

In the first, which I created from scratch, I basically created the regions/political units in a fairly arbitary north to south order without thinking too much about the order in which I created them, but now on the list of where you run adverts, for example, the regions appear in the order I created them, which looks rather illogical. It would be much better if they appeared in alphabetical order, but unlike some of the lists in Campaigns Forever, it does not seem to be possible to reorder the regions to achieve this.

In my second scenario, I've added five new states/regions to the 2008 US Presidential scenario. However, these have simply appeared at the bottom of the list, which looks rather odd as all the other states are obviously in alphabetical order.

Is there an easy way, either through Campaigns Forever, or through editing the XML files, to put the regions into alphabetical order?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Thanks for this - I've made a note.

You can change the ordering using a text editor (such as NotePad - NOT Word, which may save the files in a different way).

Open political_units.xml in your scenario folder, and then locate the <political_unit id="NAME_OF_POLITICAL_UNIT_HERE"> where NAME_OF_POLITICAL_UNIT_HERE is your political unit.

You then need to copy the entire <political_unit ...> block of text (to and including the next </political_unit> line, which indicates the end of the information for that political unit), and move it to after or before whichever other political unit's block of text you want it to be ordered after or before.

Anthony Burgoyne


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