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Found 4 results

  1. so I am creating a west wing scenario and I will document results of all my playthroughs here. Here are playable candidates: Republicans Glenn Allen Walken Don Butler Arnold Vinick Mike Reed Darren Gibson Robert Ritchie (what if) Steven Allard Ray Sullivan (what if) Democrats: John Hoynes Bob Russell Matt Santos Eric Baker (what if) Howard Stackhouse Ricky Rafferty Wendell Tripplehorn (All 7 Dwarves) Not sure when my scenario will be done but if you guys want to download it
  2. What if @RP Overlord were to use his algorithm to run a 2006 west wing scenario, and we were to play out the events of the campaign? Lets Gague interest Republicans Bob Allard (NE) conservative governor of Nebraska (Never given a first name in the series) Arnold Vinick (Dibs for me) (CA) centrist senator Glenn Allen Walken (MO) former speaker and former president for 1 week under the 25th Mike Reed (OH) moderate governor Don Butler (AL) far right preacher What if Candidates Robert Ritchie (2002 Nominee against Bartlet) moderate Governo
  3. Going to create a president infinity west wing scenario. Who should the candidates be? I was thinking of using all the candidates from the 2008+primaries scenario, but wanted ideas on who to add. Was thinking of adding Stackhouse as a green party candidate or should he be a Democrat? What about adding Fitzwallace as a black Republican? Thought? Ideas? Suggestions?
  4. jdm06ltd

    the west wing

    I am thinking of doing a scenario of the show The West Wing. Which candidates would you guys like to see? Which ones should I create? Please comment with your suggestions. Links to candidate images are helpful too.
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