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Found 3 results

  1. This actually isn't ready yet, but it should be in a couple of days at most in something of a Beta mode. Game starts on December 8th, in large part because for most percentages I tried inputting actual polling data, and the late November-December period had the largest early concentration of them. The result was a polling map that looked nothing like the one we saw in the old PF+P '08 version. (Picture will be placed when I figure out why the forum isn't letting me place it) Howard Dean is leading the pack, with Wesley Clark close behind. Kerry (Blue) and Edwards (Purple) meanwhile are in th
  2. With the mourning period of the Kennedy assassination over his Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson takes on Barry Goldwater.
  3. Apart from South Carolina's 1st District I haven't seen any new scenarios for 2016 and it sure would be great to have some. A lot of presidential scenarios were made for 2008 but making them for 2016 is quite a different matter and I'm not all that sure of what I can do myself without the thing crashing sooner or later (I don't think electoral votes can be edited yet without it stopping working sooner or later). So I ask; what scenario should we see next and what will I do to make it happen?
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