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Found 4 results

  1. @WVProgressive @buenoboss @The Blood @Rodja @ALiteralNeoliberal @Hestia11 @Herbert Hoover @Cenzonico Or anyone else interested Hello all! With the success of Quick Shot 2020 I have decided to continue creating and running RPs akin to that until people get tired of it or until I am forced to stop! Many of the rules will be the same as the original, with each candidate receiving 3 one or two line events a turn, graded by a D10 Roll, a roll above 5 being a positive to your campaign, and below 5 a negative. These base rules will remain the same, along with the 24 hour long turns las
  2. It's yet another Quick Shot. I have a 2000 one planned but I probably won't start it till Labor Day or till I get some more experience running. A one-sided primary is easier to run anyway. This is like @The Blood's Quick Shot 2020, but with one of the most quirky Democratic Primaries in history. Background info: It's time for the Granite State. Favorite Son Tom Harkin has won the Iowa Caucuses, with almost no of the candidates campaigned in the Hawkeye State, so New Hampshire matters even more now. Bill Clinton's campaign is sinking after the Gennifer Flowers story breaks, and he is
  3. Hello all, I had a new idea for a RP. In seeing the 2020 RP (Convention when?) and the new Quick-shot 2020 RP, I have thought of an idea for a new type of RP. It would be a happy medium between the Quick-shot and the Regular/General Presidential Election RP. Here are the rules: -A turn lasts one day, from 12 AM to 12 PM -Every turn is one week in the RP world -Every week, each candidate will get a certain number of energy points -Depending on your polling, you will get more or less energy points -Your energy points can be spent on events, such as rallie
  4. The RP would be formed in the likeness of the German Election RP run by @Hestia11, and it would follow the same formula of 3 events a day. I will launch it in the next couple of days if I find the public support for it. The RP would take place in the 3 months leading up to the 2020 election, with one day equaling one week in-game. The electoral system would be based on the Israeli Nation-wide Proportional Representation System, but modified to allow for a state-wide system with 20 seats per-state and a 5% cutoff to receive seats. Trump would remain President, with his role being reduced to a c
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