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Found 4 results

  1. @WVProgressive @buenoboss @The Blood @Rodja @ALiteralNeoliberal @Hestia11 @Herbert Hoover @Cenzonico Or anyone else interested Hello all! With the success of Quick Shot 2020 I have decided to continue creating and running RPs akin to that until people get tired of it or until I am forced to stop! Many of the rules will be the same as the original, with each candidate receiving 3 one or two line events a turn, graded by a D10 Roll, a roll above 5 being a positive to your campaign, and below 5 a negative. These base rules will remain the same, along with the 24 hour long turns lasting from 12 AM EST to 12 AM EST, and the quick timeline the RP is designed to move along on. However, one difference is that debates will not be the same. Instead of the system we used in the original, for this RP I want to try out RPing the debates with candidates through PMs. This allows for fun role-playing, fierce attacks and debates, and overall a better experience. With all of that said and done, I will post the introduction, initial polling, and candidates to choose from here. Introduction: The date is January 18th, 2016. The race for the Republican nomination, once thought to be a possible cakewalk for whoever emerged as the primary moderate in the race, who many assumed would be Jeb Bush, with only minor hiccups and short flirts with evangelical candidates, has turned into the worst possible nightmare for the establishment and moderates of the Republican Party. Donald Trump, running on a populist, radical, and outright far-right platform has emerged as the key frontrunner in the race, quickly pushing out of his way the declining Jeb Bush in July and August 2015 in polling, and going on to shower the rise and fall of the now stagnant Ben Carson, who nearly removed Trump's role as the race's frontrunner in October and November. However, despite his seeming ability to push his way through as the clear leader in the race all the way to today, hope remains to stop him. For right wing evangelicals, that hope is found in Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who despite falling to 2nd in Iowa recently has maintained a robust campaign in the state as time has passed and is currently polling in 2nd nationally. For moderates, despite the likes of Jeb Bush, John Kasich, and countless others dividing establishment funds and support as well as the moderate vote, hope is growing around Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who is currently taking a weak third nationally and in Iowa and has built a coalition of moderates and conservatives alike as his campaign has progressed. However, as Iowa approaches, and as countless moderates battle for their spot as the anti-Trump candidate, almost anything is possible... RCP National Polling Average(Minor Candidates Removed/Not Allowed To Be Played): Trump: 34.5% @Fbarbarossa Cruz: 19.3% @CentristGuy Rubio: 11.8% @Hestia11 Carson: 9.0% @ALiteralNeoliberal Bush: 4.8% @Cenzonico Christie: 3.5% @BeetleJuice Fiorina: 2.8% @Reagan04 Kasich: 2.3% @buenoboss Paul: 2.3% @WVProgressive Undecided: 9.7% RCP Iowa Polling Average: Trump: 27.8% Cruz: 26.7% Rubio: 11.7% Carson: 8.7% Bush: 4.5% Christie: 4.3% Paul: 3.7% Kasich: 2.1% Fiorina: 1.8% Undecided: 8.7% RCP New Hampshire Polling Average: Trump: 30.5% Rubio: 12.5% Kasich: 11.8% Cruz: 11.3% Christie: 8.5% Bush: 8.3% Fiorina: 4.0% Paul: 4.0% Carson: 3.6% Undecided: 5.5%
  2. It's yet another Quick Shot. I have a 2000 one planned but I probably won't start it till Labor Day or till I get some more experience running. A one-sided primary is easier to run anyway. This is like @The Blood's Quick Shot 2020, but with one of the most quirky Democratic Primaries in history. Background info: It's time for the Granite State. Favorite Son Tom Harkin has won the Iowa Caucuses, with almost no of the candidates campaigned in the Hawkeye State, so New Hampshire matters even more now. Bill Clinton's campaign is sinking after the Gennifer Flowers story breaks, and he is planning on going on TV to dispel the affair. Meanwhile, no Anti-Clinton candidate has arisen. Jerry Brown and his anti-corruption message and Paul Tsongas and his fiscal conservatism look like the two main candidates currently in the race to become the anti-Clinton candidate. Someone like Bob Kerrey, Tom Harkin, or even Douglas Wilder could break out and suprise everyone to become a strong anti-Clinton candidate. As with every mushy primary field, undeclared candidates become the media's focus. Mario Cuomo, a Democratic superstar after his 1984 Keynote Address, is still mulling a run as Clinton weakens. On the other end of the spectrum is Bob Casey Jr, who seeks to get conservative Democrats and Pro-life Democrats and change the Democratic platform to pro-life. Meanwhile, for whoever wins, a strong President Bush looms...Who will win 1992? Nationwide Polling Cuomo-20% (Undecided) Clinton-18% Tsongas-14% Brown-12% @BeetleJuice Casey-8% (Undecided) Harkin-5% Kerrey-4% Wilder-2% @buenoboss (I assume no one wants him) Undecided-16% NH Polling Cuomo-19% Tsongas-18% Clinton-15% Kerrey-8% Harkin-7% Casey-6% Brown-6% Wilder-1% @buenoboss Undecided-18.5%
  3. Hello all, I had a new idea for a RP. In seeing the 2020 RP (Convention when?) and the new Quick-shot 2020 RP, I have thought of an idea for a new type of RP. It would be a happy medium between the Quick-shot and the Regular/General Presidential Election RP. Here are the rules: -A turn lasts one day, from 12 AM to 12 PM -Every turn is one week in the RP world -Every week, each candidate will get a certain number of energy points -Depending on your polling, you will get more or less energy points -Your energy points can be spent on events, such as rallies, speeches, town halls, ad-making, etc. -Every candidate will have to say what state you have the event in, what part of the state you are in (rural or urban), and how many times you are doing that event -Every state will have one key endorser, for example, Delaware's endorser may be Joe Biden, and Iowa's endorser may be Chuck Grassley. There is one key endorser for each primary as well (50 key Republican endorsers, 50 key Democratic endorsers) -If you get an endorser from a certain state, you get a boost in that state -Debates will happen once every three weeks to a month. You must say what your central theme is, who you want to attack, and what base/group you want to target and how you will do that I'm trying to make this low-effort, but still rewarding if you do well. Anyway, here are the candidates -Democratic- Al Gore (Required Candidate) Bill Bradley Paul Wellstone Howard Dean John Kerry Joe Biden Joe Lieberman Dick Gephradt Bob Kerrey Jesse Jackson Lyndon LaRouche Hillary Clinton Wesley Clark Warren Beatty Bob Graham Ted Kennedy Evan Bayh Ted Turner Jay Rockefeller Ann Richards -Republican- George W. Bush John McCain Steve Forbes Orrin Hatch @buenoboss(You can still have this candidate, but I'm picking him so we have more candidates and I don't think anyone wants Hatch) Alan Keyes Gary Bauer @buenoboss (You can still have this candidate, but I'm picking him so we have more candidates and I don't think anyone wants Bauer) Elizabeth Dole Dan Quayle Lamar Alexander John Kasich Bob Smith George Pataki Herman Cain Jeb Bush John Ashcroft Fred Thompson Newt Gingrich Mike Huckabee Rudy Giuliani Bob Dornan Trett Lott Jack Kemp Donald Rumsfield Colin Powell Donald Trump Harold Stassen George H.W Bush Tommy Thompson Christine Todd Whitman Dick Cheney Pat Buchanan Ron Paul -Reform- Donald Trump Pat Buchanan John Hagelin Ross Perot -Green- Ralph Nader -Libertarian- Harry Browne Ron Paul David Koch Jo Jorgensen -Independent- Bob Smith
  4. The RP would be formed in the likeness of the German Election RP run by @Hestia11, and it would follow the same formula of 3 events a day. I will launch it in the next couple of days if I find the public support for it. The RP would take place in the 3 months leading up to the 2020 election, with one day equaling one week in-game. The electoral system would be based on the Israeli Nation-wide Proportional Representation System, but modified to allow for a state-wide system with 20 seats per-state and a 5% cutoff to receive seats. Trump would remain President, with his role being reduced to a ceremonial one, up until a snap-Presidential election set to be held in early 2021. Congress would remain as a transitionary body leading up to the Parliament's election, and the separate Parties would decide their leaders in two ways. Major Parties with Congressional Representation would decide among their Congressional, Senate and House, members as possible Party leaders. Minor Parties can decide among prominent leaders in the Party. In terms of a list of Parties, here is what I have. If we have a shortage, I can cut Parties, or allow someone to play multiple, if they wish. And, if you may, give feedback or suggestions! Democratic Coalition: The Democratic Party(Taken): Representing the establishment/Moderate wing of the prior-existing Party. More Centrist due to breakaway factions. Lead by Andrew Cuomo. The Progressives(Taken): Representing a Left-Wing, but not too far Left, split off from the Democrats. Warren instant figurehead in the Party, but not a shoe-in leader. Will start in coalition with the Democrats. Elizabeth Warren and Richard Ojeda will lead The Progressives. The Humanity Front(Taken By Me): I will likely play this Party. The Party was formed by Democrats such as Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang, both no longer fearful of Trump wielding power, in order to spread a message warning of Automation and UBI, as well as non-interventionism. It is in a coalition with the Democratic Party at the start, but only in the name of defeating the Republican bloc, and to hopefully work with the Democrats in supporting UBI if the Front gains popular support. Lead by Andrew Yang. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Third/Minor Parties In No Coalition: The Centre Bloc(Taken): A Party formed through a coalition of disaffected voters, Billionaires Mike Bloomberg and Howard Shultz, and Independent/Third Party figureheads, hopes to bring a message of Centrism to America. The Party will be led by Charlie Crist. The Libertarian Party(Taken): The Libertarian Party, with the new political system, is now looking for routes to spread its message to the new Parliament. Justin Amash, as the first Libertarian Congressman, is a likely leader, but something could change. Divided between hard-Libertarianism, and soft-Libertarianism. Justin Amash and Gary Johnson to lead Party. Democratic Socialists Of America(Taken): Representing a union between the current DSA, the former Green Party, and a breakaway faction of Democrats. It starts in no coalition, initially refusing offers from the Democrats. Can have Bernie likely initial leader, but other options like AOC or Green Party co-founder Howie Hawkins do exist, as well as many more. Lead by Bernie Sanders. California National Party(Taken): A group of disillusioned Democrats vying to establish an independent California based on Left-Wing ideals. Katie Porter is chosen leader. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Never Trumper Coalition: The Republic's Defenders(Taken): Made up of Never-Trumper Republicans, the Party is based around Moderate-Conservatism, and has the primary goal of defeating the Trumpian-Republican Party. Rubio and Romney likely leaders. Lead by John Kasich. Unity Party(Taken): Made up of washed-up politicians from the New England Republican era, is built out of the dying breed of the New England Republican. Unlikely to crack 5% outside of New England, but is led by Olympia Snowe. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Republican Coalition: The Republican Party(Taken): Transformed into a populist force supporting Trump, this Republican Party is primed to fight for Trumpian ideals. Pence, in return for announcing his candidacy for the Parliament, appears to be a likely leader, but other leaders may arise such as Joni Ernst, and others. The Party will be led by Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham. The True Conservatives(Taken): Made up of hard-right conservatives, Cruz and Tom Cotton likely leaders, with the Party looking to fight with the Republicans for common goals, but also while representing a more Conservative brand. Bill Lee will lead the Party.
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